"Discover How, In Just 11 Minutes A Day, You Can
Easily Change Beliefs, Patterns And Behaviors That Keep You From Manifesting What You Want
Without Struggling!"

Dear Transformation Seeker,

I talk to people every day who want to make changes in the beliefs that they know are sabotaging them, but feel like they are pushing a noodle up a hill! They feel like no matter how hard they try they can't seem to change their deep seated internal patterns and so not much changes in their life. :(

I don’t have enough discipline to do the amount of inner work it will take to make these changes on an inner level."  

"I tried program after program and nothing much ever changes. I just feel frustrated and wonder if maybe I am just not meant to have the life I want to have."    

From the Desk of Sharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the Coaching from Spirit Institute

My name is Sharon Wilson, and I’ve been helping people manifest their dreams for over 19 years now. In fact, we had over one million people receive the invitation to join me in The 30-Day Abundance Adventure to support them to make these deep inner changes. We had scores of testimonials of how they changed their lives for the better in all areas - money, health, career, relationships and most importantly, having a process to experience more peace of mind that is simple and takes less then 11 minutes a day!

-Kim Primatic-
Radio Host, Speaker, Master Coach

"I feel so blessed to have participated in Sharon Wilson’s 30-Day Abundance Adventure as an attendee as well as a Master Coach in the private facebook group.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but I jumped in with both feet and I’m so grateful that I did.  The meditations that she received and then shared with us daily are profound and transformational!  Each meditation was a building block for the next and together they produced a symphony that achieved a “rewiring” of sorts, occurring deeply on a cellular level, dissolving old limiting beliefs that no longer serve.  This is truly leading-edge material, I’ve never experienced anything like it.  We saw it clearly in the amazing posts in the facebook group—the manifestation of miracle upon miracle in abundance of all sorts: financial, physical, relationships, emotional and mental thoughts and attitudes.  I received them all.  Proof that when we surrender to the Divine, miracles can occur readily, as if they were patiently waiting there the whole time...." 

And the most interesting part about this program is that all you need to do is listen to a short audio every day that will reprogram and repattern you! It is simple and easy and takes less than 11 minutes a day to see results!  

The Secret to Manifesting More of What You Do Want and Less of What You Don’t

Now, don’t get me wrong... you do have to listen to the audio in order to get results. What I taught all those people in The 30-Day Abundance Adventure was HOW to easily partner with God/ Spirit/ Source (whatever word works best for you) so that you can be reprogrammed and rewired at a CELLULAR level.

This is where those negative deep seated patterns, behaviors and memories need to be reprogrammed, and it takes less then 11 minutes a day to do it! It all stems from my proprietary formula that has as the intention to activate within you that God/Spirit/Source is your supply of all things: Abundance, health, vitality, creativity, opportunities and on and on, but how can you activate that belief deep in your cells? What will it take to BELIEVE this beyond any doubt?  

Reprogramming Your Sabotaging Beliefs and Behaviors Can Be
Easy to Do and Doesn’t Have to Take Years of Grueling Work!

You might know someone who has been trying to change beliefs and behaviors that are holding them back for one, two, five or even ten years, and every time you talk to them about it, it seems like nothing really changes. So, they've just given up...

Or maybe you’ve been in that boat yourself? 

"I really loved this program.  It was powerful.  While doing the program I had an influx of requests in my business and 1000's of additional income showed up.  The Abundance Adventure is nourishing on an inner and outer level and lays the foundation for supporting others in realizing more abundance in their lives."

-Tara Costello-
Mental Performance Consultant

There Must Be A Better Way!

I talk to people every day who cant seem to get past the chatter, the doubt, fear and worry that tortures them or makes them feel not as good as others..

It’s a very frustrating experience.

I’m happy to say there is a better AND easier way… Just ask the people who have been using my system with incredible success.

The people who have used the system you are about to discover have been so relieved and excited to find a solution to their problems.

They know they can use this system over and over to not only manifest more of what they want for themselves but to even help those they love to be more effective at reprogramming their old beliefs and behaviors that are holding them back from the love, prosperity and success they deserve!

"The 30-Day Abundance Adventure was a blessing on so many levels.  As an Abundance Coach I supported people in the Adventure by holding space for them, encouraging them, acknowledging their experiences, and helping them on a more personal level.  As a member of this group of amazing people and listening to the activations I found that more attention was brought to even the smallest positive things in my daily life.  This helps bring awareness of abundance in any form and lets the Universe know that you are paying attention to the abundance you ALREADY have! This aligns you vibrationally to receive even more in your life!

It was amazing to see how other Adventurer's shifts happened and to witness them experiencing more abundance, in whatever form, in their lives.

The Abundance Adventure was an amazing experience!"

-Cherrise Boucher
Transformational Life Mentor

Imagine If...

You knew you didn’t have to worry about HOW you were going to get out of debt or attract the love of your life or that job or career that is a perfect match for your skills and passion!

You knew you didn’t have to spend countless hours using programs and processes that come up short when it comes to producing results.

You knew you had a proven system – created specifically for a busy heart-centered entrepreneur, career person or anyone that's seeking a transformation!

And you knew you finally had a step-by-step way to turn off the doubt, fear, worry and anxiety about anything you want to manifest.  

This is all possible and more with the Abundance Activation System You see, abundance is more than just money. It is good health, happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind no matter what is happening around you!

If You Set Aside Just 11 Minutes A Day,  You Can Completely Reprogram At A Cellular Level The Beliefs, Memories, Anger, Resentments That Are Holding You Back From A Life of Your Dreams!

The reason why you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING anymore is because this system works, and it will free you of worry, doubt and fear. I know that is a BOLD statement, and I am not saying every fear and doubt - every nagging what-if - will be changed overnight... but when you stick with the system and use it every day.. you will feel and see POWERFUL changes happening in 30 days or less!  

-Cheryl Gaines-
Christian Life Coach

"One of the most significant benefits of the 30 Day Abundance Adventure was Sharon’s abundance activation sessions. During one of her sessions, Sharon taught participants how to create a divine temple. It was during this abundance activation that I experienced a life changing event. I envisioned my divine temple as a meadow with blue skies on a sunny day and saw myself sitting quietly by a lake. What was significant about this scene was the presence of my mother. My mother passed several years earlier; and although my memories of her are vivid, I had never felt my mother’s presence in the way that people often describe about love ones who have died. While in my divine temple, for the first time since my mother’s passing, I felt her presence. It was such a warm, calm and loving experience. It was reminiscent of the love one feels between a child and its mother. The experience was powerful and it was healing!"

Not only is it easy to use, it will also get you the results you’re looking for. I’ve taken my proven formula – the formula that has created the best results for both myself and my clients – and turned it into an easy-to-follow system that is the answer you may have been praying for... in just 11 minutes a day!

What You Receive in the Abundance Activation System

22 POWERFUL guided audio visualizations that will best support you in activating more abundance in all ways => in health, finances, relationships, confidence, skills, life purpose and so much more! These activations are imbued with powerful activating energy!

Why 22 Audios?

During The 30-Day Abundance Adventure, I never planned on having 22 audios. It just worked out that way!  I do find it interesting that 22 is a multiple of 11, which is the length of time that we focus during each activation. Also, 11 is a number that represents manifestation.

So, what does the number 22 represent?

"The number 22 symbolizes the principle of precision and balance.  When it senses its full capacity as a 'Master Builder', it can achieve what is hardly imaginable.  The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams a reality.  It is potentially the most successful of all numbers.

It has many of the inspirational insights of the number 11; it is unlimited, yet disciplined. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership and enormous self-confidence.

22 is the number of the Spiritual Master Builder on the physical plane.  It synthesizes and expands upon the powers of 11.

There is four times the power and energy in this vibration so there is four times the strength to use on the physical plane.  This is the God energy brought to the material plane and put into form.

It offers the opportunity to manifest in a Master way!"

When working with these activations, intuitively choose the topic/ area that best resonates with you in that moment.

*Each audio activation is less than 11 minutes long and will simply, quickly, and easily shift your energy!

You can also download them to your smart devices for on-the-go access.

Activating Cellular Communication

In this Activation, we focus on activating strong cells that communicate perfectly with each other for health in all ways.

Activate Confidence Energy

In this Activation, we focus on activating confidence energy in our cells to do the work we love that pays us well and serves the highest good.

Activate Rejuvenation Energy

In this Activation, we expand our absolute knowing that God/Spirit/Source is our supply of health, vitality and youthfulness… no matter what.

Activate Faith Energy

In this Activation, we focus on activating faith energy in our cells that God/Spirit/Source is our supply of health and vitality and youthfulness.

Activating Gratitude

In this Activation, we focus on activating the energy of gratitude in every fiber of our being and creating more miracles in our lives.

Activating Financial Peace of Mind

In this Activation, we focus on creating more financial peace of mind and miraculous solutions in ALL areas of your life and business!

Attracting Prosperity

In this Activation, we focus on attracting prosperity, money finances and whatever it is you want to create; free from any concerns or outcomes.

Cellular Activation

In this Activation, we learn the cellular energy activation process for health in all ways... in all cells, organs, muscles, bones, tissues, and  our blood.

Cellular Love Fest

In this Activation, we have a cellular LOVE FEST! We are guided to activate the energy of love in all parts of our cells for health in all ways.

Creating Your Inner Temple

In this Activation, we create an inner temple; a powerful place where you connect with your highest guidance and transcend any limiting thought forms.

Divine Team

In this Activation, we support you to create your inner team while in your inner temple, so you can experience more peace and guidance in practical ways.

Intro to Intentional Breathing

In this Activation, whenever you feel worried, anxious or afraid about anything, do this simple process I call intentional breathing.

Intentional Breathing Session

In this Activation, we expand on the intentional breathing process and focus on amplifying your power to feel more peace.

Manifestation Process

In this Activation, we expand the inner temple experience… meet your guide and begin the powerful manifestation process.

Release Judgment

In this Activation, we focus on activating the energy of forgiveness for anything anyone has done to us or we have done to them... knowingly or unknowingly.

Releasing Disappoinment

In this Activation, we focus on releasing disappointment and resentment energy. We are going to do some cellular house cleaning.

Releasing Addictions & Cravings

In this Activation, we focus on powerfully releasing addictions, cravings and phobias; energies that no longer serve us in any way.

Releasing Fears

In this Activation, we support you in releasing fear and worry about debt and allowing in solutions in all ways to debt for you and all everywhere!

Releasing Prosperity Blocks

In this Activation, we focus on attracting prosperity and being willing to ask for help to be released from beliefs and feelings that's holding our prosperity back.

Releasing Stuckness

In this Activation, we move past feeling stuck or not taking the actions we want to take. This visualization will help us when we are not sure what actions to take.

Shifting Prosperity Blocks

In this Activation, we work on specific beliefs that may hold our prosperity and success back and shifting them with simple a powerful process.

Sticky Energy

In this Activation, we learn about sticky energy, how it can be holding back our prosperity and how to dissolve it in our inner temple.

Bonus Manifesting Process

You will receive a powerful manifestation exercise that you can do in 5 minutes. You can use this exercise for yourself, your loved ones and the world.

When you use this exercise, you will be a part of Sharon's daily visioning for your abundance in all ways. She uses this visioning exercise for all of her VIP mentor clients with AMAZING success!

And now, you can be a part of that powerful energy grid.

Who Is Sharon Wilson?

I am the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at the Coaching from Spirit Institute. My energy management system has helped thousands of people who did not feel guided to create their own business but who wanted to use this powerful energy management system to manifest more easily and feel more peace -  no matter what was happening around them.  My energy management system has been streamlined into these simple audios to help you reprogram and repattern the old beliefs that are sabotaging you. 

"I love The 30-Day Abundance Adventure. It’s made such a big difference for me. I have already completed the adventure twice and am getting ready to embark on the third one. It is a great tool to help keep me on track and to raise my vibrations quickly and easily."

-Maylin Lue Pann-
Founder of Dynamic Results 

-KARLA Harrison-
Purple Lotus Coaching

Working with Sharon Wilson and the 30 day Abundance Adventure has been a great blessing to me. Sharon has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals.  And she has fantastic, creative ideas that I've found eye-opening, simple and practical.  Personal coaching is about becoming all you are meant to be, about living a life of passion, purpose, and impact. Sharon has created the space for me to soar as a person and as a coach. Her impact has been enormous. Who I am becoming is due in no small way to Sharon's support, encouragement, and commitment. On a scale of 1-10 each one of us can achieve that 10 life with patience, effort and determination. But with a coach like Sharon, we can achieve a 20, because she gives us her 10.  

I have been able to get to the root of my issues that i had been having and clear them.  I feel that the 30 day Abundance Adventure was fun, i felt supported in changing my patterns. I recommend this program in gratitude to others."

-Teresa Wolfe-
Eco-Herbalist Founder/CEO
Project One Global Event

"The 30-Day Abundance Adventure has shifted my life! I am launching a global event in 3 months which has me completely overwhelmed - with the enormous amount of work to be done and the financial resources needed to manifest the event successfully. I need an abundance of time, energy, and creativity as well as the financial resources for this event. I have memorized all 13 of the abundance affirmations and repeat them to myself several times a day. They calm and center me.  They focus me. They remind me that I don’t have to do this alone. They keep me aware of the fact that I have a Divine Team at my side at all times, encouraging me, assisting me, pulling for me, and clearing the way! I am sincerely, deeply grateful."

"These activations are working! All kinds of things are manifesting for me at an inner and outer level"

"I feel well provided for.

One day, I spoke with my boss. He was a bit concerned I had not gotten him many bookings and passed those concerns onto me. What I did was come home, put on some one of your meditations, and got in touch with my God Spirit for guidance.

I played relaxation music which helped connect me back into the flow, and I ended up getting 2 fantastic leads and 2 bookings.

Also, the money my partner was waiting for came through because I have been following it up for him.

I flowed with conversation with my sister, brother in-law and my niece. I have not felt upset or stopped the flow from happening. I focused on exchanging the lower energy for higher energy. I am also pretty pleased with my flow during the day, and I look forward to each day more and more.

I have also been blessed with a beautiful grand-daughter; my 8th grandchild. I knew my daughter-in-law had her baby; I just had a sense of knowingness. It was confirmed the next day, from her Facebook page. They live in NZ.

I am so grateful for divine Love, wisdom and lots of JOY flowing each day.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!"


***Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.***

Copyright © Sharon Wilson and Coaching from Spirit Institute All Rights reserved

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