Do You Want to Harness the Power of Universal Divine Energy to Manifest More of What You Want?

What would be possible for you if you had daily support to move past fears, doubts and beliefs that hold you back… all at a SUPER price that anyone can afford... with no monthly contracts?

Introducing the

Dear Seeker:

My name is Sharon Wilson, and I am the founder and Chief inspiration Officer for the Coaching from Spirit Institute. For nearly twenty years, I have mentored thousands of people - individually, in group programs and even in corporate settings - to make a deeper connection to whatever they see as their Inner Guidance (call it God/Spirit/Source) and move past limiting beliefs and behaviors to live successful, empowered lives and to create work that is truly empowering.

Many felt called to empower themselves by create home-based businesses. Some chose to stay in a corporate environment, and found new ways to experience their empowerment - no matter what was happening around them.

That is true freedom.

In my experience, this freedom comes from the empowerment of maintaining a moment-to-moment energetic focus of thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

That energetic focus is made through connection to our highest potentiality - what I call The God-mind CONSCIOUSNESS Connection.

That connection is what opens the door to miracles and all manner of solutions to what are perceived to be problems.

So what is this God-mind Consciousness Connection?

To put it very simply, we have a choice in any given moment to think through the use of one of two minds or levels of consciousness:

  1. God-mind consciousness is our doorway or gateway to powerful Universal Energy that is rooted in love, peace, joy… all aspects of higher level consciousness.
  2. Earth-mind consciousness is comprised of the lower level energies of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred… you name it!

So here is how this works:

When you think a thought that is fearful, you are thinking with Earth-mind consciousness. Since WE are all one and connected in the energy of consciousness -- whenever you feel fear or think a thought of anger or even overwhelm, you tap into the Earth-mind consciousness of EVERYONE who has thought or is thinking thoughts that match that vibrational frequency.

When you connect with Earth-mind consciousness, you can get sucked into that lower level consciousness quagmire energy, and it can be hard to get out of it.

Sometimes you stay in that consciousness all day - worrying, fretting, complaining, and judging yourself and others. You stay stuck in this energy, even when your focus changes from one thing to another, until finally you fall asleep at night and stop your conscious thoughts and the connection to that lower energy, Earth-mind consciousness. That is all so exhausting!

When you are able to shift your energy, even a little bit, to thoughts and feelings of more love and peace, you can find your way back to God-mind consciousness. You get sucked into that uplifting vortex of energy and that feels exhilarating and joyful!

So what happens when you are tapped into God-mind consciousness? You literally tap into the ENERGY that can create miracles - the ENERGY that can connect you with aligned solutions to support you to live your life from a place of serving and empowerment.

But staying connected to God-mind consciousness can feel VERY, VERY, VERY HARD to do on your own.

I struggled for years with being a Worry Addict, and I have seen this again and again with clients and students. It was as if their own thoughts were torturing them! It seemed that no matter the actions they took, they were not able to make much progress.

It was heartbreaking!

After a lot of prayer, meditation, and journaling on how I could help them (and me)… I got the answer! It all became clear to me - I really got what was going on and how to fix it!

Just consider how often in a day, or an hour, you feel some depleting emotion. How often in an hour do you feel worry, overwhelm, envy, unmotivated, angry or resentful?

Do you ever feel thoughts like, “What is the use of trying?" "Why bother - nothing I do makes any real change anyway?”

Do you ever feel disappointed in what is happening in your life or the world around you?

Imagine how many times in a day you think in lower level Earth-mind consciousness!

How many times a day do you get sucked into Earth-mind fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, lack/scarcity, regret, worry, or comparing yourself to others feeling less than in some way?

How much time do you spend spinning your proverbial manifestation wheels, getting nowhere even though you are working so hard?


So how can you be MORE connected to
God-mind consciousness?

How can you experience MORE flow, ease and joy - especially in the midst of the chaos all around you?

In my experience, the best way is to join with other, like-minded people who are focused on the same primary intention of connecting to God-mind consciousness, and who will support you to shift whenever you feel stuck.

You want to join with others to focus powerful, group energy in a way that supports each group member in being more powerful then they can be alone.

And you need a leader who can support and align group members in the best ways to focus their energy to produce results for everyone involved.

That is why I feel guided to start the Empowered Manifestation Circle and open it to everyone!

For years, I have experienced the power of group energy in our training programs. These are programs that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and are primarily focused on those who want to become transformational coaches, create other heart-centered businesses or become empowered leaders in their industries.

Now, I am guided to open the doors of this kind of support to ALL people no matter what occupation, business, or life situation. My intention is to provide this support in a way that can work for anyone, anywhere!

The Circle is a virtual empowered support network. The goal is to create a powerful group of people from all over the world who have the intention of supporting each other using a focused, energy approach to manifesting lives and work that are empowered and joyful!

How does the
Empowered Manifestation Circle

The Empowered Manifestation Circle has the following core components that create a Circle of Support!

  1. A Manifestation guidebook that provides the most effective and efficient energy processes to help you connect with and stay in God-mind consciousness more easily, every day, moment-to-moment.

    When you do, MIRACLES happen in your life, and that of your family, your friends, your clients and co-workers!

  2. Daily Support from me in a private Facebook group.

    I will help you apply the simple processes. You will also receive FOCUSED energy support from me!  (Every day, I use powerful and focused visualization, affirmations, prayers and activations in response to the requests and in support of the goals of those in the Circle to activate and AMPLIFY their abilities to manifest more of what they want for their spiritual growth and personal success with greater ease and speed.)

  3. Streaming Access to the Empowered Manifestation Circle archive.

    These audios are 15-minutes (or less) and SUPER-charged energy that will raise your vibration, belief, faith and hope in the PRACTICAL power of Divine Love energy to provide solutions to seeming problems while creating a deeper connection to God-mind for all members of the Circle. 

    The Empowered Manifestation Circle creates a place to join together in powerful, collective energy.  First for your own intentions and requests, and then to visualize for the world, so we can be a part of the solution in creating a world of peace, health, happiness AND freedom from all depleting energies.

    You will join together to create powerful energy transmissions to send to all aspects of life on our planet, creating more of what we all want to live, personally and globally!

Stop feeling like a victim!

Stop feeling like there is nothing you can do when faced with life’s curve balls, tragedies and disappointments!

Start applying the practical power of God-mind consciousness to all seeming problems and allow in solutions that serve the highest good for all.

You have access to more power then you could ever imagine! But to quickly create any real physical impact, you need to harness God-mind consciousness in a way that is focused and amplified.

And you need an experienced guide to lead and support you.

So what is the cost?

The cost is ONLY $22 a month!

That’s less than $6 a week!

My guidance is to make this as affordable as possible, and for each of us to model the vision of prosperity for everyone in the Circle.

Also, there are no contracts!  You can end your participation in the Empowered Manifestation Circle at any time.

Try it out today!

You can join for 7 days, and if it is not a match, we will refund your money. You can keep the Empowered Manifestation Circle Guidebook and Empowered Manifestation Activation MP3 as our gift! (a $47 value)

I am creating this Circle of Support to help you truly become an Empowered Manifester, so you can use the energy of God-mind consciousness for your own growth, joy, fulfillment, security, and peace of mind.  

You will also be supporting others in achieving their goals through your focused energy support.

If this is a match, you will KNOW this is part of your mission.  I am not here to convince you to join. I am here to coach you in how to open the door to your highest potential!

WE are here to support you in the Empowered Manifestation Circle!

JOY and Love,

Sharon Wilson
Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
Coaching From Spirit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am not religious? Will this work for me?
A: Our Empowered Manifestation Circle is open to anyone, and it does not conflict with any religion or beliefs. We are coming together to focus our powerful energy to support each other to reach our highest potentiality. If anything we share does not resonate for you, simply toss it out and use the words or images that best work for you!

Q: What if I can’t attend the Circle call?
A: Every week, there will be one Circle call led by me that will be recorded. We may add more times as we train Circle leaders to lead the calls. By being a member of the Empowered Manifestation Circle, you will receive the same benefits even if you cannot be on the live call. You can post your manifestation and support requests in the private Facebook group or directly to me via email.  I will do daily energy work including focused visualization, universal prayer, and affirmations for you and your requests, and everyone in the group. PLus, you will receive the downloadable recording for each call.

Q: How are the calls conducted? Can I use the computer to call in?
A: YES! The system we use is VERY easy to navigate, and you do not need to install additional software. Simply log in (get redirected to the access page) then click the play button on the streaming player for the date's live call. That's it!

Q: What if I do not have a business or a career?
A: The Empowered Manifestation Circle is a match for anyone who wants to join with other like-minded individuals in focused intention to support themselves, their families and the planet. Through visualization and focusing energy, together we will tap into the power of Universal God mind consciousness to solve any seeming problem or issue, no matter how small or how large.

Q: How old do I need to be to join?
A: You can join with the permission of your parent or guardian. To be in our private Facebook group, you must be 18 years old.

Want to experience the Empowered Manifestation Circle?


What People Are Saying

“Embracing the understanding of how Sharon has held space for me with intentional energy is beyond words.”

“This is what makes Sharon unlike anyone that I have worked with. She holds this energy, a vision of your success in such a way that all you have to do is show up and do the work. I can’t share how many times Sharon had the right words, the right perceptual angle for me, and more importantly, she has a way to hold the perfect energy for me so that I could become the more of who I am inspired to be. This is critical to understand about having Sharon as your mentor. If you are a person that has tried all kinds of different methods to be “successful and enriched,” made wonderful accomplishments in your field but still feel “stuck,” and are highly motivated to be the very best you KNOW yourself to be but can’t figure out how to activate it, the money that you spend working with Sharon will seem like you cheated her.”

James Morton
Empowered Leader and Life Coach

“My income and product offerings and successes have grown exponentially since beginning my work with Sharon.”

“When I decided to seek out a mentor, I knew that it was important to find a mentor that had achieved the level of success that I imagined. I wanted someone who would not only give me the "how-to's" but to support me and hold me bigger than I held myself. When I spoke to Sharon over the telephone, I just knew that she would be the one who could help me get to the level that I desired in my own coaching career.Never in my wildest expectations did I think that the positive results would become evident immediately upon working with Sharon! Within the first month, I had doubled my income as a coach, created a plan that worked for me and felt great but learned more about marketing myself and myservices than I had in 15 years of being a professional marketer. Sharon's prices are not low...but I was not looking for the lowest paid coach, I was looking for the best coach.My income and product offerings and successes have grown exponentially since beginning my work with Sharon.There is no doubt in my mind that getting a proper structure of support is essential in growing my business and no doubt in my mind that that I will continue to not only refer others to Sharon, but will continue to work with her for years to come.”

Irene Brooks
Life Strategist

"... my mind had been sufficiently opened in order to hear and feel another member's shift into a higher state."

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how things are going. Firstly, I dialed into the conference call today and it was amazing. I could feel the energy the entire time I listened in... listening to Sharon coach with another member, I enjoyed how Sharon walked through the entire energy shifting process. I then remembered when the spotlight was on me and Sharon did the same; I did feel a vibrational shift but it was different this time as she walked another member through the same process. I understood it on an entirely different level. This is when I realized the original shift Sharon did with me worked but even more so today because my mind had been sufficiently opened in order to hear and feel another member's shift into a higher state.”

Vincent Porter
Empowered Leader and Life Coach

"I have a 70% close rate!"

"I really never imagined myself good at sales. I thought sales were sleazy and manipulative. But with Sharon's Spiritual Selling process, I am amazed at what I have accomplished in such a short period of time! I have a 70% close and I actually feel good on these calls. They really are sacred, expansive experiences for the potential client and for me!I absolutely love connecting in with Spirit first. I feel so centered in the process, and truly not attached to the outcome. What a relief! Something magical happens and I have 14 people signed up for my 5 week program on how to Activate Prosperity with Heart Energy just from doing this process!I can really see how this is the foundation to build a multiple six and yes, even seven figure business.I encourage you to sign up for anything Sharon does. You will be transformed!Thank you, Sharon, for your gift of patience, support and love."

Helaine Z. Harris

"In partnering with Spirit, everything takes on a whole new reality. I am not alone in the world to handle situations."

"I cannot tell you how valuable the principles I am learning are for me at this time. I did an order form to the Universe to find the right buyer for a commercial property that I have my retirement in.

"As it turns out, I am that buyer, and being able to prepare the energy and get into alignment with this has completely reframed how I look at it.

"My 'worst nightmare' I am seeing could be my financial blessing. In partnering with Spirit, everything takes on a whole new reality. I am not alone in the world to handle situations. Thank you again Sharon, so much..."

Linda Fialkoff
HeartMaps Coaching

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

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