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Below... you will find some amazing (digital downloadable) gifts
that will support YOU in being your best self in 2016!

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Eva Gregory


Massive Success For
Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Exclusive Report

(value: $97)

By the end of this report, you’ll have learned:

  • The 3 major challenges spiritual entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them.
  • How to accept the huge value you offer and communicate your value with confidence in a way that has clients eager to work with you and pay you what you are worth.
  • The 2 key elements critical to your success… get this and you’ll soar in your business. And if you don’t, you won’t.
  • My #1 Mindset Mastery Formula for massive success. Most importantly, the rules of the game for Spirituality and Money

Michael R. Smith


Manage Your Sensitivity

(value: $185)

In this free 25+page resource guidebook and 1-hour audio seminar, you'll receive the best proven tips, techniques, and tools to manage your energy to that you aren't harmed by others' energy.

Enjoy unique energy exercises created by sensitivity expert Dr. Michael R. Smith.

Stacey Mayo


Releasing Hypersensitivity
Free 20-Minute Healing Audio
(value: $127)

If you are tired of taking on other people’s energy, the mass consciousness of fear and lack, or just feeling too darn emotional, then download this free audio and start releasing this belief/pattern of being “too sensitive” immediately. Being sensitive is a gift and when you take the edge off, you will be more able to use this gift in the way it was meant to be used.

Jeanna Gabellini


Design A Business That Makes You Say, "HELL YES! I love what I'm doing!"

(value: $97)

This is the visual map of how I tripled my income in less than a year with ease and FUN!

You're also going to get your own visual map to fill in with your most important HELL YESES for this year. If it's not a HELL YES, it doesn't go on your map! Plus, I documented my journey for you, too! This will make your next profitable steps very clear.

Helaine Harris


Meet Your Prosperity Guide

(value: $587)

If you are ready to really Manifest Money Magic, then it is the perfect time to Meet Your Prosperity Guide.

I will guide you in a process to meet your prosperity guide, and my manual will give you processes and questions to work with your guide.

Now is your time to release those old outdated beliefs, patterns and expectations that have kept you stuck financially.

By doing the inner work, you will magnetize greater prosperity and money to you! 

Kim Primatic


Miracle Manifestation System

(value: $497)

Kim’s gift to you is her Miracle Manifestation System Blueprint that she and her family used to manifest a full scholarship for their daughter (that’s over $250,000!) to attend a top college and play her favorite sport. Her family also used this system when Kim's husband was suddenly laid off after 20+ years as an executive. They helped him attract his dream position making even more money in just 60 days!

Valerie Greene


Transform Conflict into
Emotional Intimacy

Free Online Video Course
(value: $50)

For self-aware people who still get stuck in conflict. This ecourse, from Relationship Coach Valerie Greene, contains a training video, 3 Steps to Stop Fighting and Start Connecting, an infographic with the Stop Fighting Technique, so it's always on-hand.

This is an ecourse with proven solutions to issues like emotional overwhelm and nagging, ending recurring conflict, and 7 steps to saving your marriage!

Melissa Sarazin


Sacred Gift Bundle

(value: $77)

Struggling with feeling in control of your day?

In this gift, you will find simple, daily steps to ground your energy and begin each day with a strong connection to Spirit.

When we consciously connect with Spirit, we feel supported, clear and ready to take on the world with joy and love in our hearts!

Elaine Lockard


Tune In and Turn On Your
Empowered Self

Breakthrough your barriers and take
control of your Life!
(value: $297)

Through this intensive, 4-part e-course, take the first step to establishing the vital, firm foundation from which you will build and grow your self-esteem, self-worth and self-mastery.

Learn how to access and Turn On the Confident and Powerful Person inside you. Additional bonuses are included.

Tara Costello


Easily Attract A
Scholarship or Professional Slot

(value: $177)

Do you have (or know) a young athlete who has the potential for a college scholarship, college student with pro-potential or pro-athlete that needs help going to the next level?  How can you set you and your athlete up for success beyond logic?

Many athletes need help keeping their head in the game and benefit from every edge they can get.

Apply for your free consultation today, and get Ahead in the Game!

JeeJee Saafir


Selling from the Heart

Get Your First or Next Paying Clients with Transformational Conversations that Sell!
(value: $127)

In this free guide,  you’ll learn:

  • The 5 main areas you need to include in your enrollment process to gain a commitment from your ideal client
  • An exact SCRIPT of what to say to help someone use their own inner guidance to come to the conclusion that they want what you have
  • What you must do BEFORE a discovery session to “weed out” clients who aren’t serious about hiring you (do this FIRST, so you don’t waste your precious time in conversations that go nowhere!)
  • And more!

Teresa Wolfe


Feel Fit Forever!
(value: $197)

In this COMPLIMENTARY online training, you’ll discover some powerful, incredibly simple strategies to have more energy at the end of the day and feel slimmer and more comfortable in your clothes.

  • You’ll learn how making ONE simple change causes you to eat less and increases your energy - without using pharmaceuticals or supplements!
  • Learn to engage the mind/body connection to help you purge limiting beliefs and reprogram your psyche so you naturally make healthy choices, eliminating the need to use willpower to fight those unbearable, nagging cravings!
  • Discover a crucial hidden element that holds most people back from achieving their health and wellness goals!

Alan Rowbotham


Complimentary Breakthrough

(value: $300)

In only 60 minutes, I will help you to identify a path for removing your inner and outer blocks.

When you do, you will then be able to create your desired goals and achievements with greater ease and joy.

Email Alan at arowboth@tampabay.rr.com to apply!

Nancy L. Corsaro


Are you experiencing health challenges, anxiety or stress-related

Or perhaps you're just not motivated to make changes in your life and don't understand why?
(value: $300)

Stop judging yourself and learn how to activate the power within to turn your world around.

In this complimentary 1-hour session, you will:

  • Remember who you really are
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and energy imbalances you may not be aware of
  • Leave with a plan to start creating a life of health, zest and fulfillment

To arrange your complimentary session... email Nancy at eastwestacup@sbcglobal.net.

(only 5 spots available)

Terri Werner

Empowered Leader
Breakthrough Session

(value: $600)

Are you an Executive or Business Owner who is "in the spiritual closet"?

Are you learning things from books that you would love to implement in your own work and life, and maybe even your company, but are not sure how?

Schedule a complimentary Empowered Leader Breakthrough Session and explore the possibilities that await you and your team when you are in the energy flow.

In this 60-minute phone session, you will uncover:

  • Beliefs and patterns that can be holding you back from truly being an Empowered Leader.
  • Possibilities that are open to you and your team that you may not be seeing using your logic.
  • A plan and a direction that can take your life and company to a whole new level.

Are you ready to have more energy, confidence, accomplishment and joy in your work and in your life?

There are only a few spaces available for this complimentary session.  Apply for an assessment, by emailing Terri, to see whether you and I are a good match. 

Email: terri@energyflowconsulting.com

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