Are You Struggling with "SELLING" in your business?

If your sales are not bringing in the profit you expect... if you're sick and tired of the old antiquated hard-nose sales tactics; if you feel totally icky when "closing" a client... OR you just flat out HATE selling...

Then please keep reading...

"The magnetic and effective SALES SYSTEM that transforms anyone into a powerful Spiritualpreneur with the ability to make money from your customers consistently, accomplish any goal, and manifest endless abundance by creating vibrational love matches that makes them want to buy from you..."

Why Sell When You Can Serve Your Clients in a Way that Makes Them and YOU Feel Good? 

If you are selling, or planning to make sales in business today, then this letter could prove to be vitally important to your future.

Here's why:

In the midst of the changing economy, 90% of Businesses don't come anywhere near making as much money as they should!


Most people don't know how to simply sell, or as we say, create a Vibrational Match. If they used the methods in this breakthrough system, they could earn more.

When you decide to let Sharon personally guide you in "transforming your selling into serving," you're going to get a lot more than a program.

Joyful Greetings!

How many times have you picked up a newspaper and seen other people getting clients and money into their business, even in this down economy?

Thousands of businesses generate sales every month, by people who are no smarter or experienced than you are, but who seem to know exactly what to do.
If your business isn't generating significant income (and I mean at least $5,000 a month), here's the reason why:

You are not ready to make the sale, to make the initial Vibrational Contact and turn it into a Vibrational Match.

Even though you are there "in person", you are not there "in spirit, in love", in energy.

Let me help you change that...

Business, like life, is an exchange of energy. Not knowing this leads to your second challenge; you probably don't understand what people really want to buy and how to manage your energy to make the sale a reality.

Well... I have a years-in-the-making breakthrough system, that will show you how to manage your energy and increase sales using very practical steps.

Imagine learning:

How to use spiritual practices to help you increase sales and conversions

How to uncover your inner and outer energy blueprint that may be keeping you from being successful in selling and how to easily change it so people flock to you like moths to a flame!

How to alter your energy field with simple changes - the result is that you feel like this is FUN and easy and you will get AMAZING results

The secret behind why people really buy and how you can help them realize they need what you have and want to pay you for it!

A simple formula that uses a coaching process so you will love to sell people (Remember that is serving!) and they will love it too!

How to create a customized template to ensure you have greater success with your process

How to help someone use their own inner guidance to come to the conclusion they want what you have and are willing to pay handsomely for it

How to more easily language your offering so people feel energetically compelled to it AND TO YOU!

How to easily coach someone beyond objections like money by using spiritually-based principles instead of outdated, manipulative tactics.

Effectively follow-up with people and use coaching skills to help them see the possibilities of your solution.

Well imagine no further...

You have been asking for a solution about how to be more effective in selling – even if you didn't even realize that you were asking!

If you think about it, you are "selling" throughout your entire day. It is "selling" when you are suggesting the restaurant you want to go to for dinner, when you are trying to get the kids to do their homework, when you are making yourself get out of bed to do exercise...

All of these contain a selling aspect.

On the other hand, there is one thing that people really do LOVE.

People LOVE it when you solve their problems and help them feel good!

And the same is true for the person doing the serving! Yes, that's YOU!

When you serve others with what you are doing, you LOVE what you're doing because you get to feel good too!

When you are serving your prospects and customers by helping them to solve their problems -- instead of simply selling to them -- you're creating a vibrational love match - everybody feels good!

Did you know...
You can use this vibrational love match to make money from your customers?

Trust is the Key!

When your customers LOVE doing business with you, they'll want to buy from you over and over again! The state of the economy won't matter will no longer matter!

The person who they'll do business with in the tough times (and in the great times as well) is the one that they know, like, and trust — YOU!

All it takes to get your customers to LOVE doing business with YOU instead of your competition... is shifting your old selling habits into new serving habits!

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply flip a switch inside you and cause a chain reaction that has you serving your customers instead of selling to them?

It doesn't work that way, and you know it inside. You need a new way -- new selling habits because the old no longer work, in this new world...

I know this from first hand experience!

I've been right where you're at right now, struggling to find a way to increase sales and at the same time not feel like I'm some used car salesman hawking old Fords.

What you are about to discover is the closest thing to that switch inside of you turning on; it is a step-by-step system that makes it easy-as-pie to make the shift from selling to serving!

For many years I have been evolving the spiritual process and system called Transforming Selling into Serving.

I've been working with thousands of business people and entrepreneurs just like you to activate an unshakable confidence within them that translates into peace of mind and prosperity by learning how to Activate the Energy of LOVE in your business -- specifically when it comes to your Selling System!

We've Documented Every Step of The Process And Will Share It With You!

Transform Selling into Serving

Introducing the
Transforming Selling into Serving
Video Training Program

You're about to learn my process-based, proven step by step formula for literally transforming your selling into serving in the comfort of your own home. And get this... I'm going to be right there, along side you, guiding you step by step so that you see your sales increase in as little as 30 days!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover with the VISUAL IMPLEMENTATION you'll get with your BRAND NEW Transforming Selling Into Serving Video Training Program.

In a FIVE week webinar format, guided by me, Sharon Wilson, you're going to:

  • Identify your negative beliefs about selling, then create a "Progressive Belief" so that you no longer have those negative beliefs and in fact, look at selling as a positive, FUN experience...
  • Activate your prosperity consciousness so that it's always working for you, even without you knowing it...
  • Identify your Marketing Niche and Ideal clients...
  • Get your very own templates — literally blueprints— that will transform your selling into serving almost overnight, outlined in detail in a fill-in-the-blank system to create your very own unique Selling System (you're likely to call it your Serving System) in the process!
  • Create a Problem Solution Template Flowchart so that you can into the head and heart of your ideal client and energetically align with them before you even pick up the phone...
  • Create a Conversation Guide which will help you connect with people on a deeper and more authentic level – whether in person or through your marketing materials or website...
  • Get super clear on how to write heart centered copy and craft marketing messages that really resonate with those you are called to serve...
  • Watch me coach several participants of the live training as I go over their Problem Solution Templates and Conversation Guides! Seeing these "real life" examples are INVALUABLE in triggering your own light bulb and confidence so that your belief and SALES will soar!
  • A bonus class with me, Sharon where I will show you how to be successful in business by creating multiple income streams that match your brilliance...
  • Have access to your Tutorials and Worksheets FOREVER to always refer to...
  • Work at your own pace; no stresses or pressure. But I will tell you this... you will want to finish quickly because as SOON as you implement these processes into your business, the sooner you will see a significant increase in your sales- almost immediately!

Along the way, something will be
"Activated" within you!

During this program, I will help Activate in you the belief that selling is a GOOD thing – a sacred thing. In creating this video training program, I hold the Intention for you to Activate this sacredness within you.

When you transform your selling system into a SERVING system and understand the energy behind it (and how to harness it)... money will literally chase you down - and you will feel good about making it!

You will become a magnetic and people will feel a connection to you at an energetic level.

When you have a Selling System that feels good for you and for others, you'll get consistent results - and thriving in business will no longer feel like you're in raging rapids paddling upstream!

It is my joy to help you Activate this within yourself!

I have worked hard to activate these same principles and beliefs in myself as a Spiritualpreneur. I have gone on the same journey that you are on now. I know the challenges, the pitfalls, the pain and the fear involved in this process.

I also know the joy, fulfillment and prosperity that is possible for you.

All of this... coming from someone who has been through it, and come out on the other side knowing that there IS a better way.

You're not perfect, and you will never be perfect (as long as you’re on this earth as a human being!) but the more you can rely on that Higher Guidance, you’ll know that you are safe and secure no matter what's happening around you.

I look around at what the media is telling people and I can honestly tell you that your income... YOUR prosperity is NOT determined by outside forces.

And I also know that if you don’t have a selling process that feels good for you and for others AND gets consistent results... thriving in business may start to feel like you're paddling upstream among raging rapids!

You know that feeling I'm talking about... "I want you to buy my product or service – whatever benefits “me, me, me” feeling.

By the way...

People Can Feel That Kind of Energy.

I have spent years perfecting a spiritual process that has helped so many to activate unshakeable confidence that translates into peace of mind and prosperity!

To support all you spiritualprenuers who want to feel more peace of mind in these seeming unsettling times... I am offering my breakthrough system.

Are you ready for your Transforming Selling into Serving Video Training Program?

Here's what you get: 

#1. The Complete 100+ PageTransforming Selling Into Serving Workbook

You can download this instantly with your video seminar trainings.

#2. Five Implementation Video Trainings with Sharon Wilson Plus a Bonus Session guiding you to implement the Transforming Selling into Serving System so you can get the best results

This is a brand new addition to the Transforming Selling Into Serving program. Myself and my top Coaching from Spirit coach will guide you in SIX 90-minute Implementation Video Trainings using your Transforming Selling Into Serving workbook.

#3. Complete Fill-in-the-blank Lesson Guides and Templates for Each Video Training
#4. FREE Success Planning Session

You will get 60 minutes on the phone to help you Activate your energy and find what it is you are really looking for…($300 value)

During Your Activation Session You’ll:

  • Quickly and clearly identify blocks that stand in the way of your success and learn how to clear them from your life.
  • Make a vibrational shift right on the call that will affect the rest of your day and week ahead.
  • Learn a decision-making process that takes you to an elevated level so you're able to receive clear guidance on your next step within 48 hours.
  • Activate the next steps that are aligned to allow in more prosperity, peace and fulfillment
#5. The Recession Proof Your Business Course

Receive all the recordings and the transcripts of a four week class that was designed to support you in recession proofing your business.($199 value)

#6. 30 Days of Support with My Master Coaches! Good for One Year – Includes 30 days of Group Q&A Calls With Sharon Wilson

(Value: $250) (Valid for one year from date of purchase)

Imagine having someone by your side, every step of the way as you start or grow your business. If you run into a rough spot with one of your clients or if something (anything) comes up, my Master Coaches will be there to coach you in this Transformational Coaching System. PLUS, you’ll have access to two marketing training calls each month for these 30 days.


We offer one group coaching call with me for you to have your foundational questions around marketing answered.

Then a second one where the more challenging questions as you grow your business can show up- Like during a program or product launch or when you are implementing a JV campaign. Also things like how do you organize the technical side of offering a teleseminar? You name it… I have been there done that! This is a place where you can ask me ANYTHING in regards to your business and for your convenience they will be recorded.

You won’t be on your own. Well show you how to navigate successfully through each and every situation from marketing to what to charge to how to teach my simple formula to your clients.

You will also receive access to group coaching support to help you get into action, shift beliefs that are not serving you and to apply our Energy Management System so that you can manage your energy and manifest more easily.

Total Value of this Package: $1961

You get the entire Transforming Selling Into Serving Video Training Program with Sharon Wilson (plus your bonus gift) for ONLY $97.

So, Sharon how exactly does this
all come together once I register?

  • When you register for your Transforming Selling Into Serving Video Training Program, you will immediately receive an email with detailed instructions and access to a highly secured Group.
  • This PRIVATE group will house your entire Program for instant downloading... so that you can work at your own pace. It's always there for you!
  • Once you are in the Group you will be given step by step instructions on what to do including a Welcome Letter and Overview of the program with instructions.
  • You will be contacted by one of our coaches for your Success Planning session, this is when we go over the material in the program and support you in creating a priority list of how to go through the information for your fastest learning and implementation.
  • Each Training is clearly designated with its specific video training and accompanying worksheets and templates.
  • You'll also learn how to book your one hour BONUS ACTIVATION CALL so that you can quickly and clearly identify blocks that are standing in the way of your success and learn how to clear them from your life. (My advice? Grab your Activation call before you start the program...)

People rave about this process and how it has worked for them -- and with my guided implementation video seminar training -- I have absolutely no doubt that it will work for you. Let this be THE ONE thing you do right now for your business to secure its future, your income, and feel real good about it.

A Coaching-Oriented Approach Guarantee

I want you to understand, a lot of the things you’re going to be learning about the Transforming Selling Into Serving process didn’t come from my head. They came from a higher guidance.

When you emerge from this home study course and the video training with me, you’re going to feel a level of relief, not only from the ease at which the new action steps for your goal appear, but also in the realization that someone else out there knows what you’re going through and can help make a difference – immediately.

I want you to feel this way about Transforming Selling into Serving, so I'm backing this entire package with a money back guarantee. If after putting the steps into action in this program, and within 30 days of your purchase, you feel you are not satisfied with this program, please feel free to apply for a refund by calling 888-542-2250 Ext. 1 or emailing Stephanie at I know how powerful this training is when you put it into action, and trust you to do the right thing...I guarantee it!

Transforming Selling Into Serving Video Training Program

for ONLY $97!

SAVE $900

"Sharon you are Brilliant, brilliant, - just brilliant! After just one coaching session look what happened: I followed this and my heart and it gave way to wonderful results! The first person I used your 'selling to serving coaching process' with is NOW a client - AND she signed on for my Fast Track VIP Program (my first!) and is paying for 6 months in full (also my first!). The most important part about all of this is ... it was SO MUCH FUN to speak with her and bring her on as a client. It just felt great. Thank you SO MUCH, Sharon. I am really psyched to continue to build on all of this and take it further and further. Thanks!"

Heather Dominick,

Whew...I know that was a lot. But really, I just want you to know that I have been in your shoes...

I've experienced the challenges of feeling totally yucky selling people...

And I'm here to tell you that you don't have to go through all that.. and you certainly don't have to feel bad about running your business.

Selling is a part of business, period. There's no getting around it... So why not do it differently -- with heart, soul and integrity... In a way that actually feels good to you and your clients?

You can start right now by grabbing your Transforming Selling Into Serving instant digital workbook and corresponding video seminar training with me... it's waiting for you on the next page.

Just my way of saying thanks, and inviting you to explore, and Activate, yourself.

See you real soon in training.

Love & JOY,

Sharon Wilson
Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer
Coaching from Spirit Institute 

P.S. I invite you to take part in this brand new Video Training with me, Sharon Wilson, where I will personally guide you through the implementation process of your Transforming Your Selling into Serving workbook.

P.P.S. I am thrilled to serve you as the valued spiritualpreneur that you are. You... your business... and your clients.... deserve this. You can get started now.

*** Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. ***

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