2017 has been a very powerful year!

We have experienced many contrasts in EVERY area of our lives that birthed new visions and brought people to ACT in ways that have never happened in previous years.

I want to take this time to send Divine Love energy to bless, support, protect and prosper you in this Holiday Season and the New Year.

I suggest you take some time to let go of the old by writing a letter to that inner guidance within you.

Step One

Appreciate all the blessings of this year — whether you remember them or not or they were never known to you.

How many times did you avoid an accident?

Write down those things you may have taken for granted or that may have seemed insignificant.

Step Two

Ask BOLDY for what you want to achieve in 2018 in every area of your life!

Here's a #miracle #manifestation story

Recently, my college-aged daughter told my husband and me that she may not be passing one of her classes.

It is a required course, and she found herself in a class with a professor that was very hard to understand due to English not being his native language. She was unable to comprehend the material.

It is a math class and with math… you either get it or you do not.

She went to the professor and asked, “What can I do? I am failing this class.”

He told her, ” Nothing.  The class has 3 tests, and you failed two, so you have the final left.  It would take a miracle for you to get a 95% on it to pass this class.”

She left very frustrated and had even thought of not taking the final. “Why bother?” was her thought.

We prayed and asked for Divine Wisdom to help her to pass. We needed her to receive a miracle somehow.

We prayed some really BOLD prayers!

She, of course, studied as best she could.

One test day, she was the last one in the room and still had 15 minutes of the 2-hour timeframe left.

The professor said, “I would like to close the room.  Can you finish this in my office?”

She said, “Yes. I have to pass this class somehow.”

She went back to his office and used every last bit of the remaining 15 minutes.

She handed it to him and said, “I am praying a BOLD prayer that I get a miracle, so I can pass this class.”

When she returned home, I told her that she just had to let it go.  One way or another.

She did her best.

She aligned her energy with her intention.

She asked BOLDY for what she wanted .

Now… trust that it will all be okay — one way or another.



Here is the miracle…

There is no grade listed online in her records for the final; just a final grade for the class. She passed!

How could this be?

How was it likely for someone who failed all the tests to get a 95% on materials they failed earlier?

Very likely… when you believe in #miracles!

“There are NO order of difficulty in miracles.”

A Course in Miracles

So, what are #miracles do you want to experience in 2018?


I am seeing and feeling all of your BOLD dreams already #manifested!

If you celebrate Christmas… may it be merry and joyous!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

And in all the ways that you celebrate… be sure to #activate #faith beyond logic!

Love and JOY,

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