Easily Change Beliefs, Patterns And Behaviors That Keep You From

Manifesting What You Want

Without Struggling!

Discover The Secret to Manifesting More of What You Do Want and Less of What You Don’t

Hi! I'm Sharon Wilson!

I talk to people every day who want to make changes in the beliefs that they know are sabotaging them, but feel like they are pushing a noodle up a hill! They feel like no matter how hard they try they can't seem to change their deep seated internal patterns and so not much changes in their life.

“I don’t have enough discipline to do the amount of inner work it will take to make these changes on an inner level.”

“I tried program after program and nothing much ever changes. I just feel frustrated and wonder if maybe I am just not meant to have the life I want to have.”  

And the most interesting part about this program is that all you need to do is listen to a short audio every day that will reprogram and repattern you! It is simple and easy and takes less than 11 minutes a day to see results!

Now, don’t get me wrong… you do have to listen to the audio in order to get results. What I taught everyone in The 30-Day Abundance Adventure was HOW to easily partner with God (whatever word works best for you) so that you can be reprogrammed and rewired at a CELLULAR level.

This is where those negative deep seated patterns, behaviors and memories need to be reprogrammed, and it takes less then 11 minutes a day to do it! It all stems from my proprietary formula that has as the intention to activate within you that God (Spirit, Source) is your supply of all things: Abundance, health, vitality, creativity, opportunities and on and on, but how can you activate that belief deep in your cells? What will it take to BELIEVE this beyond any doubt?

It can be a very frustrating experience.

I’m happy to say that there is a better AND easier way.

The clients who have used my system have found that they can use it over and over to not only manifest more of what they want for themselves but to even help those they love to be more effective at reprogramming their old beliefs and behaviors that are holding them back from the love, prosperity and success they deserve!

Imagine If…

You knew you didn’t have to worry about HOW you were going to get out of debt or attract the love of your life or that job or career that is a perfect match for your skills and passion!

You knew you didn’t have to spend countless hours using programs and processes that come up short when it comes to producing results.

You knew you had a proven system – created specifically for a busy heart-centered entrepreneur, career person or anyone that's seeking a transformation!

And you knew you finally had a step-by-step way to turn off the doubt, fear, worry and anxiety about anything you want to manifest.

This is all possible and more with the Abundance Activation System. You see, abundance is more than just money. It is good health, happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind no matter what is happening around you!

Why You Receive 22 Activations!

“The number 22 symbolizes the principle of precision and balance.  When it senses its full capacity as a ‘Master Builder', it can achieve what is hardly imaginable.  The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams a reality.  It is potentially the most successful of all numbers.


It has many of the inspirational insights of the number 11; it is unlimited, yet disciplined. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership and enormous self-confidence.


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*Each audio activation is less than 11 minutes long and will simply, quickly, and easily shift your energy!

Cellular Communication

Focus on activating strong cells that communicate perfectly with each other for health in all ways.

Activate Confidence

Focus on activating confidence energy in our cells to do the work we love that pays us well and serves the highest good.

Activate Rejuvenation

Expand our absolute knowing that God/Spirit/Source is our supply of health, vitality and youthfulness… no matter what.

Activate Faith

Focus on activating faith energy in our cells that God/Spirit/Source is our supply of health and vitality and youthfulness.

Activate Gratitude

Focus on activating the energy of gratitude in every fiber of our being and creating more miracles in our lives.

Attract Clients & Customers

Focus on attracting more business, clients, customers, life purpose, and financial solutions.

Attract Prosperity

Focus on attracting prosperity, money finances and whatever it is you want to create; free from any concerns or outcomes.

Cellular Activation

Learn the cellular energy activation process for health in all ways… in all cells, organs, muscles, bones, tissues, and our blood.

Cellular Love Fest

Activate the energy of love in all parts of your cells for health in all ways.

Create Inner Temple

A powerful place where you connect with your highest guidance and transcend any limiting thought-forms.

Create Divine Team

Create your inner team while in your inner temple, so you can experience more peace and guidance in practical ways.

Intentional Breathing Intro

Whenever you feel worried, anxious or afraid about anything, do this simple process I call intentional breathing.

Intentional Breathing Session

Expand on the intentional breathing process and focus on amplifying your power to feel more peace.

Manifestation Process

Expand the inner temple experience… meet your guide and begin the powerful manifestation process.

Release Judgment

Focus on activating the energy of forgiveness for anything anyone has done to us or we have done to them… knowingly or unknowingly.

Release Addictions & Cravings

Focus on powerfully releasing addictions, cravings and phobias; energies that no longer serve us in any way.

Release Disappointment

Focus on releasing disappointment and resentment energy. We are going to do some cellular house cleaning.

Release Fear

Focus on releasing fear and worry about debt and allowing in solutions in all ways to debt for you and all everywhere!

Release Prosperity Blocks

Focus on attracting prosperity and being willing to ask for help to be released from beliefs and feelings that's holding our prosperity back.

Release Stuckness

Move past feeling stuck or not taking the actions we want to take. This visualization will help us when we are not sure what actions to take.

Shift Prosperity Blocks

Work on specific beliefs that may hold our prosperity and success back and shifting them with simple a powerful process.

Sticky Energy

Learn about sticky energy, how it can be holding back our prosperity and how to dissolve it in our inner temple.

Purchase the ENTIRE System for ONLY $33!


I love Abundance Activation System. It’s made such a big difference for me. It is a great tool to help keep me on track and to raise my vibrations quickly and easily.”
Maylin Pan

I have been able to get to the root of my issues that I had been having and clear them. I feel supported in changing my patterns, and I recommend this program in gratitude to others.

Karla Harrison

These activations are working!

All kinds of things are manifesting for me at an inner and outer level!


© Sharon Wilson and Coaching from Spirit LLC All rights reserved.

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