So how can you Empower Your Speaking and magnetize your audience, monetize your message and make an impact?

Become a great storyteller. Avoid ‘data-dumping' and instead talk about the emotions you experienced. People connect with the feelings rather than the details.

If you are struggling to create a clear and compelling presentation to captivate your audience, missing the impact, influence, and income you truly desire and losing out on recognition and new leads and sales opportunities then today's episode is a must listen.

During today's chat, you will easily and quickly learn:

* The best ways to become a powerful and purposeful speaker that makes people pay attention, and ensures others see your value every time you speak.

  • How to eliminate the common presentation challenges that take away your power every time you present online and in-person.
  • How to step into the spotlight so you can share your gifts and talents with more people… and monetize them too!

For our listeners, AmondaRose is gifting you with a downloadable PDF: 8 High Performance Speaking Tips so You Can Double Or Triple Your Speaking Results and Your Revenue”

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

AmondaRose is the “6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist,” Award-Winning Speaker Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders her step-by-step proven speaker training and presentation coaching systems.

She is the author of “Pain-Free Public Speaking” and “Share Your Story” and is a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The power of what AmondaRose teaches has helped her clients from over 20 countries overcome their biggest speaking challenges and skyrocket their presentation results.

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