One of the biggest challenges when you're growing your business, especially online, is the fear of being truly visible. Many entrepreneurs start off full of enthusiasm and passion, but get completely blocked when they need to get out on social media, be interviewed, and be in the public eye. This either leads to them being frustrated, never fulfilling their dreams, or puts them into a continual battle of anxiety and stress.

However, the true cause of visibility fears has nothing to do with our abilities, or our character, and can be overcome when you are in command of your power – something which is much deeper than just mindset or belief.

In today's deep dive, Dr. Anne will share:

  • What the real cause is of visibility fears – it's not what you'd expect!
  • What causes your power to drain.
  • How to recognize when your power is draining, and how not to let it floor you.
  • How you can reverse that drain so you can show up genuinely holding your power, feeling safe and being confident in the limelight.
For our listeners, Dr. Anne has graciously offered you a gift: Safe to be Visible – An Upgrade to your Subconscious Mind. This powerful subconscious upgrade will help you release fears of being visible – freeing yourself from the heritage of powerful women being destroyed.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Anne Whitehouse, PhD FRSA, is a leading expert in Female Power Alchemy, a Success Healer for mission-driven women and best-selling author of ‘Pull Back Your Power'.

A former scientific engineer, the restriction of being expected to fit into a misaligned and male-dominated environment was a drastic contrast to her feminine energy, and operating in that patriarchal set-up led her to spiral into a spectacular burnout 25 years ago; a damaging pattern experienced by many successful, visionary women.

Dr. Anne spent the next two decades unravelling and shining a light on the hidden power dynamic that continues to undermine women in the world. She developed a revolutionary, groundbreaking solution The Re-Power®.

Anne has helped hundreds of women across the globe to fulfil their true ambition and mission with her unique and dramatically different Re-Power Alchemy.

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