Energy Management – Energy Assessment  

Attracting Prosperity

In this Activation, we focus on attracting prosperity, money finances and whatever it is you are wanting to create. If you are plagued with concerns about money and financial matters, ue this Activation to focus on attracting divine solutions in ways that are beyond your logical comprehension.

In this lesson you learned that in order to become a Quantum Entrepreneur you want to be aware of and assess the thoughts, the beliefs and behaviors that are not serving you. You do this so that you can make an energetic shift and move closer to matching the vibrational frequency of what you want to feel and experience. 

When you do your Energy Assessment, you also want to identify the beliefs, patterns and behaviors that ARE serving you. Just by acknowledging these you are helping yourself be in those higher frequencies. Remember the saying “thoughts become things”, so let’s choose the empowering ones! 

Congratulations on completing your 3rd lesson in the Quantum Entrepreneur Guidebook. 

You Are Becoming a Quantum Entrepreneur!!!

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