At our root, we are all searching for freedom. As an entrepreneur, there are 3 main reasons you feel called to pursue this path:

  • Value or passion driven
  • Lifestyle or money driven
  • You're a non-conformist that either can't or won't fit into someone else's mould.

The 7 Freedoms are nested orders of emergence. You can relate them to the 7 chakras as one evolves.

  1. You (moving from reaction mode to creative mode)
  2. Managing your Energy (through productivity)
  3. Freedom of Money (next leveling – circulating the energy back into your business)
  4. Freedom of Relationships (working with your ideal team/clients)
  5. Freedom of Purpose (self-management)
  6. Impact (harvesting the energy – integrating your soul and your spirit)
  7. Creating Your Legacy

Listen in as Arrow dives deeper into these 7 Freedoms.

For our listeners, Arrow is offering a gift of a downloadable workbook – 7 Freedoms – Map Your Pattern of Success.

Align yourself with the time, money and impact you dream of… today!

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Arrow is a Master Trainer, Master Healer in the Tao Leadership Arts. She is a TED Talks Energizer and International best-selling author. 

As founder of Heart Drum Beat – Brain & Body Training Academy, Arrow empowers Entrepreneurs to wake up empowered with the clarity and focus to double their impact with less effort- by harnessing their health, time and energy through her leadership training systems. 

Instructing since 2003; her methods are a fusion of Tao Leadership Training and Neuroscience. Her systems facilitate self-mastery by developing high performance success habits and cultivating your internal Qi. 

Arrow Gonsalves 
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