Soon my only child will be coming home from her first year at college!

WHEW!! What an amazing journey this year!

This past week, I had a powerful experience.

I was trying to carry my phone, iPad, a charger cord and while texting a response to a client. I suddenly felt both the iPad and phone falling.  So, I lurched one way to try to save the iPad and the other way to try to save my phone.

This threw me off-balance, and in that instant I thought, “I need to be safe!”

I cannot explain how this happened, but my phone literally FLEW out of my hand with such speed that it went down 3 flights of stairs. I remained balanced!

I ran down the stairs to see if my phone survived; not fully grasping that I had just experienced a DIVINE Solution BEYOND LOGIC.

Alas, my phone was damaged beyond repair and my first thoughts were of frustration.

I started to have thoughts like “Now I need to buy a new phone.”  “When will I have time to go get a new one?”  On and on the thoughts went.

Just as these thoughts were starting to play out, a very loud thought popped into my head.   “Better the phone than you, Sharon. FOCUS on the good news and get off the bad news station.”

I then realized that I had just experienced a miracle; a gift!

At any given time, we are hosts, or broadcasters, of our own show, and we are either broadcasting good news or bad news.  Our job is to choose to focus on the channel that is broadcasting the good news.

Good news…

I have wanted to transition from my Android to an iPhone, and my daughter had just gotten a new one.  When she heard what happened, she texted me and told me I could have her old one.

She had planned to sell it, and instead… she gave it to me!

More good news…

I had a full day on my calendar, so my husband drove over an hour to get her phone and bring it back for me!

I had been saved me from harm, and I was still able to get my contact information off the damaged phone, even though the guy at the store told me to not get my hopes up because the damage was so severe.

I told him my story and said miracles happen for me, my family and my clients all the time, so I am expecting this to all work out.

He came back and said, “I am going to go buy a lottery ticket! I have never seen a phone this damaged and be able to get the data off it.  Here is another miracle for you!”

I am overflowing with Gratitude and am sending that energy to all mothers everywhere to have the love, support that you deserve.

I am seeing miracles all around you, and you shifting to the Good News station even when things may seem less than good.

Everything is on the way to working out… so keep staying on the Good News station.  Ask those around you to share with you their good news.

In our house, we have begun to be more aware of  helping each other to make a shift.  Whenever any of us are focusing on the bad news station, we will say “Well, that experience may have happened, but the good new is..” then start to play the Good News station.

So, ask your loved ones to support you by helping you change the channel when you are on the bad news station… and watch the miracles show up for you!

Happy Mother's Day!

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