Joyful Greetings:
It has been a whirlwind of a week and weekend here in Pennsylvania as it is for many all over the country and the world.

All schools are closed many announcing for the rest of the year.. as of Monday at 12pm ET all restaurants
and bars are also closed for dine in service. Many people are responding in fear and hoarding food, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and seeming to make it difficult for everyone to get what they want and need.
It is suggested anyone that can work from home.. please so do. It is a lot to take in and process for us all and all on the planet and we have to be gentle with ourselves and each other. I know many are telling all of us, especially those online.. that the logical thing is just move forward.. business as usual…

I asked for Divine Guidance on how to best navigate this and I thought I would share what I am getting at an inner level and how it is helping me to find my energy alignment.

I got in meditation and journaling for us all to please remember that this is a “chapter” in our lives and we will get through this chapter. You have heard all the outer suggestions. I want to share some Divinely guided suggestions for navigating this “chapter” as we all do this together and as I feel guided, I will share more of them with you.

1) Let it be ok with how you are feeling. I had a story that I “should:” be able to shift my energy about this and be fully aligned.. and it was taking me too long. I “should” be able to jump in and lead and send out an email as soon as possible to help support others. But I was reminded that in an airplane you are asked to put your own oxygen mask on first before you help any one else.

My story was I needed to get back to work first thing Monday. But instead I allowed myself some time, to allow myself to feel how I was feeling and start to make some baby shifts. If you are feeling scared or anxious no matter what your story is…. just let it be ok.. WE are not alone in this. We truly do have support at an inner level with an inner partner call that God, Spirit , Source the word does not matter, but that inner partner can AND will help us ALL weather ANY storm in our lives and in the world.. but we have to ask.

I suggest that all day consider that each thing that you do in a day is basically an “episode”. For example you wake up are getting ready for your day that is an “episode”. Partner with your inner partner and ask for what you want to activate in that “episode”.

For example:

When I got up this morning I asked to partner with my inner guidance and for that first episode I asked to feel more peace about all this. I asked that my body's immune system is amplified and for everyone everywhere to have their immune systems amplified, I asked for my morning smoothie to fully activate all the health in my body and for everyone everywhere to have their bodies be healthy. Then you want to look for anything to notice that you love, appreciate or feel good about as you go about that episode experience.

So I noticed during my episode some of these things and said them out loud:
I feel that things will work out eventually
I am grateful for having hot water for my shower
I am grateful for the food in my refrigerator
I love the blender I have..
And on and on…

You get the gist right? You are looking for things to appreciate in that episode and that powerful gratitude energy will align you to Divine Solutions, Divine Connections, Divine Ideas and results beyond Logic.

I will be sharing more as I am guided to share and please know I am praying for you and for all on the planet we will get through this and I absolutely know good somehow will come out of all of this eventually.

Download my Episode aligning process here!

Please also listen to the recommendations of your local public health authorities, and keep yourself informed via the websites for the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Please save this list out for your reference.

Main CDC (Center for Disease Control) Coronavirus Website

CDC Recommendations on what to do if you are sick

World Health organization Advice for the Public

Harvard Coronavirus Resource Center

US Department of Education Coronavirus Updates

US Department of Labor Coronavirus Updates

I hope these resources are helpful.

Take care of yourself and take the necessary precautions.

Be prepared, but don't panic.

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