We attract everything to ourselves, both positive and negative.

When you start heeding the Universal Process of Creation and claim ownership of that, you have the power to change it.

Meet your obstacles in JOY and watch the shifts happen.

Today David channels Source Consciousness for us and answers some questions sent in by our listeners. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN……truly powerful!

The questions asked were:

  • I feel like I'm burned out as a business coach – how do I get my mojo back?
  • With all that is happening in our country and all the division, I'm feeling depressed. I want to support the Light but how do I focus on this?
  • I seem to procrastinate on getting this done in my business. I don't know why I do this and then I beat myself up over this and then don't take action. What can I do?
    No matter what I do, I seem to not be able to break through in my business and earn the income I want. What can I do to shift this and allow in more abundance?

For our listeners, David has graciously offered a gift of a Source Connection Guided Meditation along with a few other tools from the TYA Practice™️.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

From early childhood, David received what he refers to as guidance from Source. During his teenage years, he developed a deep understanding of universal laws and used these teachings to overcome enormous obstacles. He developed an ability to share this guidance for the benefit of others and has created a simple set of tools that profoundly transformed every aspect of his life, delivering a life of joy, clarity, and abundance. These tools have become The TYA Practice™️. Through his bestselling book, radio show, podcast, and online training programs he has helped transform the lives of those seeking a new way, all around the globe.

TYA stands for Trust Your Abundance. This lifestyle empowers students to manifest abundance in all areas of their lives: love, wellness, Source connection, and finances. The TYA Practice has produced proven results, including miraculous healings, improved relationships, new businesses, endless flow of wealth and so much more..

David's Gift Offer:

Text Awaken to 760-284-7665 to receive David's free guided meditation and other TYA Tools.

 You will also find David as our Featured Gift on our Success Support Directory page, if you are not a member yet below we invite you to join.

Special Invite from:

Join me in this virtual training on February 18th at 2pm est. You will learn the exact secrets I've shared with my paid clients that have given them AMAZING results time and time again!


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