What is a Whole Yes?

From early childhood through adulthood we lose ourselves in achieving ‘tasks', one after the other. Then one day we wake up and wonder where our JOY went.

Drop back, every day, & ask yourself, “What excites me right now?”* “What do I love doing & is this where I'm spending 70-80% of my day?”*

If it's not….STOP, Stop and listen for the match to your Divine Gifts. We're great at being in our own brains but our body is giving us signals all the time. You will lean forward when something is for you.

So listen in today as Debra and I talk about:

        • How we know when we are a Whole Yes
        • What the consequences are when you are not in a Whole Yes state
        • What results say about your Whole Yes
        • How to shift back to a Whole Yes state.

For our listeners, Debra has graciously offered the gift of her Abundance Book – a yearlong book to inspire you to question: what's here for you today in abundance vs. lack.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Debra is the Founder and CEO of the global coaching network Sunderland Coaching™️ and was in a near-fatal accident that changed the trajectory of her life and life’s work.

She specializes in awakening leaders to their genius by shifting from unconscious beliefs and behaviors, to self-awareness – bridging what they say they want to what they actually have. She challenges leaders to own their results in all areas of life. Organizations achieve their desired outcomes by raising up teams that learn to shift out of drama and create win-for-all solutions.

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