Is healing really possible for everyone?

Fear and love. Fears internalize and show up in our bodies, which gives you an internal shove to do something about it. For every person, that ‘something' is different. Doing that thing that YOU'RE guided to do will shift you from fear to possibility; from fear to hope; from fear to love.

The higher energy field that you hold, the more that goes into the Quantum Field and the more that impacts your life and health.

Today Dr. Divi shares with us:

  • A deep dive into understanding Energy
  • Daily skills that you can apply today
  • How 95% of diseases can be healed and why people don't heal.
  • One simple technique you can do in 30 seconds to activate healing to prevent and heal any dis-ease
  • Why she shifted from being a general physician and what to consider when receiving any diagnosis that can help you feel more empowered
For our listeners, Dr. Divi has graciously offered the gift of her video series: Energy 101 – This four hour series will take you past the law of attraction and dive into the “how to” create your life.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Dr.Divi Chandna, MD is a family physician turned intuitive coach. Dr. Divi is a globally recognized author, healer and teacher. She believes that the answers to our healing are inside of ourselves. Healing is a process of understanding our minds, healing our stories and diving into our intuition. This is where we will thrive, and truly live the lives we are meant to have. Dr. Divi is co-founder of the Intuitive Coach Training Program, a Ted X speaker, TV personality and mom. When she is not seeing clients and teaching, she is having fun with her family and friends.

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