Well, here we are in a New Year, and if we ever needed a manual on how to live together in harmony… it is now!

Recently, I was putting something away, and a book fell of the shelf and landed right at my feet.  I intuited that this was a Divine message for me to “Re-read and re-work this book now!”

Written in 2006, The Art of Life: Living Together In Harmony is still very-much relevant in today's world.

With everything that continues to rise to the surface, we could really use an owner's manual that will help us improve how we are individually showing up in the world, what we can do to #transform those things that no longer serve us, and how what we do affects more than just ourselves.

Third in the series of the Books of Wisdom scribed by Ruth Lee.

The Art of Life covers how to live together in harmony, which is the most serious and pressing problem of our age yet few tackle the subject in its entirety and fewer still have put forth any wisdom that make sense is today's world and is easy to follow.

This advanced work by The Teachers of the Higher Planes uses down-to-earth language – what we all need to know in order to improve our individual lives and become the best society – while living together in peace!

I am a big fan of material that I feel truly unites us all — whether that is the bible or other channeled works — and many of them often say the same thing, “WE are all One and we are part of Divine Love!”

Get Your Copy =>http://leewaypublishing.com/product/theartoflife/

Love to hear your insights on it social!

Love & JOY,

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