In this episode, our guest, Heather Phillips, will share her journey on becoming a Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur, which led her to teaching people about our Body Electric.
She will explain how we run energy in our bodies and how we can impact our daily vitality and resilience with some easy techniques that can be done in only 5 minutes. You truly can impact your body as if you had exercised, and do so without being exhausted!  What you are about to discover is ground-breaking!

Heather thrived after back surgery 37 years ago because of the self-care techniques she learned and created along the way. She developed a program called Energy Boost Self-Care that revs up the body-brain connection for improved physical comfort, strength, flexibility, stability and better focus and concentration! Once you hear Heather’s message, you will have a renewed sense of hope for you own health & well-being.

She will go over a simple 2-part process that you can do whenever you are feeling stressed that will give you immediate relief from the feeling of upset or butterflies in your belly!


About Our Guest

Heather Phillips has a passion for helping people learn about their Body Electric. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Physical Education degree from Lakehead University and completed her thesis on the subject matter.

She is an author, speaker, mentor, online course creator and workshop leader with over 30 years of experience as a business woman and entrepreneur. She is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Muscle Tuners International Incorporated. Her company is dedicated to training professionals such as massage therapists, physical therapists, kinesiologists, athletic trainer to effectively switch-on opposing muscles and the Body-brain connection FIRST. These are techniques that anyone can use to boost self care and to have daily vitality, resilience, prevent injuries and recover more quickly from any health issue.

Heather's Free Gift Offer

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I'm doing this because I know that when you have loving direction and support, you can be successful NOW... and I want to support you to your success!


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