Diversity is understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences and languaging is a big part in creating and supporting diversity. We are a tapestry. We are all woven together. We are all human.

Comparison leads to Competition which leads to Corruption. And when you have those 3 C's…..there is no Collaboration which means we cannot build Community.

Gail and I discuss:

  • Why diversity is important.
  • Some things anyone can do to support and create diversity.
  • A critical element needed in “leveling the playing field” when we talk about our differences.
  • Three things that we must remember when we talk about changing the conversation.

    For our listeners, Dr. Gail is offering a gift of a mini e-book giving you an overview of the 6 Different Leadership Styles taken from her book The Power of a Woman Who Leads.

Which one are you??

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

When looking for an internationally recognized communicator who ignites the atmosphere with contagious enthusiasm and a passion for purpose, you have but to look directly at Dr. Gail Hayes. Dr. Gail is a Race Relations Consultant and Speaker and has been called a Conduit and Bridge between the Races, the genders, the generations, and the political parties because of her unique ability to paint pictures with words to promote understanding between communities.  

She is also a Thought Leader, Executive Leadership and Book Coach, and media personality. Because she lived in Asia for over four years and in Europe for twelve years, she can communicate across cultural lines and often speaks on impact of creating diversity. She also served as the first Black female law enforcement officer and firefighter in Chapel Hill, NC and as the first Black Chair of the Orange County Commission for Women and was recognized by the governor for her work. 

Dr. Gail Hayes's 
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