So what exactly is Sacred Geometry?

It is the understanding of how there is pattern & rhythm & cycle & form in the Universe. Everything has structure.

When you're in nature & you're able to breathe fully, your heart opens & your spirit connects. You resonate with the way that energy operates and Sacred Geometry is a pathway to returning to who you are.

There is only one Universal Language – and that is numbers. When we expand into that frequency, it shifts us.

Today Gail & Gregory will share:

  • How Sacred Geometry is seen in the way all life is constructed through patterns found in nature, from the atomic to physical level.
  • How there are very precise cycles, rhythms and frequencies that are embedded in the physical and non-physical world. When we are in sync with the way all life is created, we can experience greater connection to our full humanity. This supports the ability to become more intuitive, creative and gain a more universal perspective which can be extremely valuable in business.
  • How using geometric principles to build internal resonance will enable more in-depth connections with customers, clients and employees. In fact, all relationships will benefit.• Sacred Geometry is seen in the way all life is constructed through patterns found in nature, from the atomic to physical level.

For our listeners, Gail & Gregory have graciously offered the gift of 3 Guided Meditations with video of different Sacred Geometries that will put you into a more peaceful state & anchor you to work with these transformative times we're currently experiencing.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Gail & Gregory are recognized as leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting purpose and clearing electromagnetic interference. The Hoags are gifted intuitives and spiritual stewards living on their high energy land in Colorado, where they have developed energetic chambers and geometric grids to positively affect the world.

Gail and Gregory's Gift Offer:

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