If you want to unlock the secret to cultivating a highly engaged client base with no refund requests, then mastering the art of problem-solving is key.

With your ability to solve problems that others can't, you'll elevate the value and results of your program and transform your client's identity from being problem-focused to solution-oriented.

The benefits to be reaped are numerous and impressive – you'll boost sales by solving The BIG Problem, leading to increased organic traffic and client referrals. Listen in as Jeniji and I go in depth on:

  • What exactly The BIG Problem is
  • Clarification on the difference between the “I AM” and “I DO”
  • What the Illusion of the One View is
  • What an Identity Switch is and how it relates to The BIG Problem?
  • How to help businesses and service providers solve The BIG Problem

For our listeners, Jeniji has graciously offered you a free ticket to his 5 Day Live Helper Camp program where you will learn how to activate the identity switch in yourself and your potential clients.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Jeniji is a highly sought-after advisor providing unparalleled unique insights and solutions, transcending our current understanding of the human cognitive reality creation process.

As the trailblazing visionary and creator behind the new Cognitive Awareness Specialist and Advisor field, Jeniji provides his personal and professional clientele with unparalleled insights, and tailor-made strategies and solutions, unattainable by other methods. Understandably, his unique approach and global reach have been praised by world-renowned mental health professionals and educators, and his expertise is routinely requested by families, universities, community and youth programs, marketing agencies, coaches, focus groups, attorneys, violence prevention agencies, and more.

Jeniji's journey began with his cultural upbringing in a small farm community in Ohio, and after many years of chaos and inner struggle, he experienced a life-changing insight that transcended our current understanding of the human cognitive reality creation process.

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