Are you feeling like a drifting emailer? Missing important deadlines, or stuck in the same old habits of never-ending emails and zero results?
Wouldn't it be incredible to become an Inbox Celebrity instead – someone who owns their emails and easily achieves success! Take that empowering leap today for your inbox glory.

Listen in as Jenn shares with us:

  • Why most big-hearted entrepreneurs struggle with emails and an empowering alternative approach to connecting with your audience
  • How to handle “copy creation fatigue” (when you put a lot out there with little to no results in return) so you start seeing results and bringing in sales again
  • The simple 4-step email process to write from the heart and convert like… heaven ūüėČ
For our listeners, Jenn has graciously offered the gift of her guide: 7 Ways to Multiply Your Sales in Emails…ASAP! Discover how to stop wrestling with your email copy. And start creating bigger paydays today!

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Jenn Mayers Vaidya, creator of the Inbox Celebrity program, is an email conversion expert who helps course creators, coaches, and healers profit from outrageously effective emails.

With deep roots in personal growth, she'll show you how to write emails that are conversational, transformational, and dangerously persuasive.

Over the past 7 years working with hundreds of clients she's come face to face with the profit power of letting your weird, wonderful, expressive self shine through your marketing. So don't let her carefree smile and dangly earrings fool you. She's helped her clients generate over $14.1 million in sales. And she's been featured in publications like Forbes for her powerful 8-Minute Email process.

When Jenn's not whipping up a new batch of hot emails with her clients, you'll find her hiking the trails of Austin, TX or enjoying her husband's latest batch of Paneer Tikka Masala. Yeehaw, y'all!

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