Are you ready to spark a new relationship with money?

Are you all ears for a fresh start with your cash flow? We know you're nodding along eagerly!

Ever heard of the golden rule of the universe? It goes something like this: “Your money potential knows no bounds, only your willingness to receive.”

But let's be real, we've all got these comfy money comfort zones, right? It's like we've been handed this mental cash thermostat, set by our families, friends, and the world around us. But guess what? It's time to crank up the heat!

There are energetic principles that, when applied, permanently expand your receiving channels so that $10k, $15k, even $20k months consistently becomes the norm.

Get ready to join Julie and me on a journey where we'll:

  • Uncover the energetic hacks to widen your money streams and invite abundance into your life.
  • Kiss goodbye to those pesky limiting beliefs about money and say hello to a whole new world of financial freedom.
  • Dive into simple, everyday money rituals that'll have you dancing in the dollars!

For our listeners, Julie's got a special treat for you! Her Wise Witch Guide is yours for the taking. Let's unlock those channels of abundance and sprinkle some magic into your financial game!

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

In 2000, Julie left a 20-year abusive relationship feeling lost and broken. As a partner in her husband’s construction company, she left both her marriage and her income. She had stayed because she believed that she couldn’t make enough money to support her 4 children, but was determined to find a way to create the life she dreamed of.

She dove into personal development and started her study of the Energy of Money.

She quickly realized that her purpose on the planet was to get more money in the hands of more women.

When women have money they have choice. They can choose to stay or leave a relationship, a job, an area based on their highest good. They give to the causes they believe in. And they can live a joyful, juicy life that raises their vibration and the vibration of the world.

For over 20 years Julie has worked with women coaches, healers and soul-fueled entrepreneurs to open their money channels and create soul-fueled, financially abundant businesses. Julie received her coach certification in 2006 and has built a 6-figure coaching practice that allows her multiple vacations a year, her dream home on the Central Coast of California, and lots of time to play with her grandchildren.

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