Spirit Animals are a playful, fun and effective way for Spirit to show up, connect with and communicate to us in order to guide, bless and support us on our life paths, whether that is in the realm of business, leadership, relationships, parenting, personal vitality, or other.

They can help us to:

  • Redirect our focus to those areas that can use a boost so that other things can open up for us.
  • Soften our own “mental energy” and remind you of what's possible.

Kelci has offered our listeners the wonderful, nurturing gift of a Guided Spirit Journey: Connect With One or More Spirit Animals to Receive Their Guidance, Blessings & Support For Your Life Path.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

She is a transformational life coach as well as a yoga and embodiment teacher. She loves exploring life, connecting with Divine wisdom and bringing her finds forward to share with others who are also awakening to a conscious spiritual journey. Her first and foremost purpose is to be the change. She likes to dance in the rain and enjoys life as a free spirit, engaging with the spirit animal world often. She loves sharing authentic, fun, and experiential resources that help people live healed, whole, happy and fulfilling lives. You can learn more about her and her work at www.kelcihartbrock.love. 

Kelci Brock's Gift Offer:


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