Kelly uses Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to use the power of the subconscious mind to heal and update your inner ‘operating system' and get rid of bad habits and negative limiting beliefs so you can break free from the victim trap and rewire those negative old programmed thoughts to positive ones.

On today's chat we'll cover:

  1. What exactly is Hypnotherapy and how does it work? AND how you can use this to have miraculous and fast results!
  2. Kelly's journey from client to launching the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute
  3. Ways you can get involved with Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute

For our listeners, Kelly is offering a gift of Redefining Self Love – a free 21-day course to activate self-love that is magnetic to all you desire!

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Kelly is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and a Psychology Professor at Naropa University who works with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens to overcome addictions, heal past traumas, conquer fear, fix relationships, find happiness and improve careers.

Hypnotherapy works to heal your external issues, while also rewiring, updating and optimizing your internal programming, enabling you to live the life you most want for yourself – free of limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, unhealthy patterns, and negative habits.

Our subconscious mind is 90% of our mind. Hypnotherapy is a technology that allows us to access that 90% and really begin using it to heal so that you can show up as your fully expressed self in the world.

Hypnotherapy will take out any old, outdated ‘programming' and replace it with a new, healthy way of being. But not all hypnotherapy works the same!

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