SessionMay 12, 2022

Highlights of this Group Coaching/Support Session:

  • Quantum Tip: Be A Star At PR – not just for biz
  • Slide Process: Sharon shared more about her Slide Process and took us through examples of its power in manifesting with visualization with all your senses and aligning with the Infinite Quantum Field of possibilities.
  • It’s All Divine!: Tracey talked about having Hope, Trust, and Faith!

Ask For A Sign: When making decisions, pay attention to any signs from the Universe that are shown to you in helping guide you with your Highest Good.

SessionMay 5, 2022

Highlights of this Group Coaching/Support Session:

  • Quantum Tip: Patience, Ask, Belief, and Gratitude
  • Feminine Divine… The powerful energies moving through us this May and Sharon shared a new Vlog by Patricia Cota-Robles
  • High Vibe Member Spotlight – moving the needle towards success
  • High Vibe Buddies – what they are and why we all need them!

SessionApril 28, 2022

Highlights of this Group Coaching/Support Session:

  • Quantum Tip: ASK!
    You deserve it. It's your birthright… but we have Free Will, so in order to get what we desire, we must ASK. Otherwise, the Answer will ALWAYS be NO. And, you never know what Quantum Shifts will happen when you start to ask for what you want. ????
  • Quantum Tip: Surrender. Let Go Of “How”!
    You have no idea HOW, really. You may think you know “how”, and logically it may make sense, but you don't know until something happens. So be open to “however” things happen. It may look impossible, but when you are open to “however” things happen… trust and have faith that it's all Divine… miracles occur. Quantum Shifts take place. It's the surrender that is the hardest part, but gives you the biggest rewards.
  • Quantum Resource: “The Big Leap” by Gay Henderickson.
    We discussed his “Einstein Time” Theory and Energy Management – NOT Time Management. ⏰
  • Bring in your “Quantum Dream Team” or “Invisible Council”. Tune it to learn what we are talking about and why these daily checkins with your desired experts (alive or not-in-body) will help activate Quantum Shifts in your life.
  • Stay 'til the end when Sharon did a powerful visualization and “Cash Flow” Quantum Activation.
    You may wish to replay that portion several times. ✨

    SessionApril 21, 2022

    Highlights of this Group Coaching/Support Session:

    • Quantum Tip: ASK!!! It’s 100% NO if you do not take action and the very worst you get is a no. Breathe and ASK!
    • Quantum Connections and High Vibe Collaborations with Brooke and Tammy – be sure to download their free gifts now!
    • The importance of having Quantum Thinkers in your community to support you in every area of your life. 
    • Finding a High Vibe Tribe to believe in you when you do not believe in yourself. Holding space for others, in return.
    • Invisible Counselors and borrowing Jack Canfield’s visualization of having conscious leaders on your own personal council.
    • Lean in to life’s disappointments… they are happening FOR you, NOT to you! Trust and have faith… it’s all Divine!

    SessionApril 14, 2022

    Highlights of this Group Coaching/Support Session:

    • Be gentle with yourself… everything happens in Divine timing… trust and have faith.
    • Learn about Success Slide visualizations.
    • Ask…

      – The Universe to “show me” the solutions you seek.
      – For what you want! The worst anyone can say is no… and 100% of unasked questions are a no.
      – For assistance or guidance when you need it… especially in this High Vibe Tribe!
      – “Why am I?” … Why am I so happy? Why am I so successful? Why am I a millionaire? “Why” questions open up energies and opportunities to give you what you desire.

      SessionApril 7, 2022

      Highlights of this Group Coaching/Support Session:

      • Dr. Margaret’s interview and her amazing free gift, “Discover the 4 Mistakes That Block Self-Love and Relationships”. We discuss control, self-judgment, love, pain, and how to heal our childhood wounds to open us up to the greatest love possible.
      • Managing your energy and how to get support when you’re in a tailspin.
      • Setting your intentions, holding space, and envision your success together.
      • What’s your Why? Stop focusing on the How. Write a list. Get clarity. Visualize with emotions.
      • Asking for help and guidance from our QEM community!

      SessionMarch 31, 2022

      Highlights of this Group Coaching/Support Session:

      • Patricia’s interview, music and we read her prayer aloud together… powerful!
      • How to have a Quantum Shift around poverty and the darkness we see in the world.
      • And more!!!

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