Magnetize MORE Money & Finally Have TRUE Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind!

Did you know you can Magnetize Money in 4 weeks OR less by applying some very simple, yet little-known principles?

Do you ever wonder why you seem to struggle to attract the money you need? Why it feels like the money you want is just out of your reach?

Here's the secret.  It’s not about working harder, it’s about understanding that at the atomic level and brainwave level money is an energy, a literal vibration like a radio signal and when you unlock how to activate YOUR money vibration, you will be able to always have plenty of money to pay for bills and luxuries!

You will KNOW no matter what that a solution will come to you!

A Mentor with 20+ Years Experience

I have been mentoring people on how to create lives of abundance for over 20 years.  I started my business with a newborn baby, and I replaced my corporate income in less than a year using these same principles. Let me explain.  When you understand how to activate your money vibration – just like bees to honey- money will be magnetically drawn to you through aligned vibrational energy brainwave  patterns!

If you keep believing that money is only coming to you if you work hard, invest in the right investments, get it from an inheritance or win it in the lottery, you are going to go your whole life at some level feeling frustrated and angry.  If you believe that you just don’t have what it takes to have a life of abundance to be able to take care of your family the way you want to and give to causes that you believe in, you will remain stuck.  Please know that you can make a difference in this world with your money!

The big questions on my client’s mind is, “How can I break free of my money blocks? How can I do work I love, AND not worry about money any more?”

Many clients come to me fed up with being on the money go round. Meaning, sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. It can feel like feast or famine, which means you have cracked part of the code when you are in the feast mode… but then something happens and the FLOW just seems to stop or just be trickling in.

Maybe you have a big medical expense out of the blue, or you get laid off? Maybe you have to pay for your kids’ college and you did not save enough? Maybe it just feels like the money is being sucked up faster than you can bring it in?

I’ve been working for years with clients and students of our programs to activate a stronger more powerful money vibration to attract money in unexpected ways and to start to expect results beyond logic… aka miracles.

Actually, when miracles are not happening, something is off.  When you want to attract money fast, you have to work on another level of reality – the vibrational reality.

The vibrational reality is where all miracles exist and miracles are energy vibrational match ups!

I have finally perfected how to magnetize money more easily than ever before and want to share my expertise from working with thousands of clients and students with you!

Now, you can Activate your money vibration and tap into the virtual reality where all your money solutions EXIST!

Inside the 4-week Magnetizing Money program, you'll find 7 simple, yet very powerful lessons, along with 10 Transformative Audio Activations (Prescriptions for Your Soul) that will help you to easily and effortlessly rewire your brain and activate your money vibration, confidence vibration, health vibration and MUCH MORE!


Here's What You're Going to Get:

Week ONE

In Lesson One, you will get clear on what to use as a focus to manifest in the course, Why having fun attracts money, and How using the power of your Magnetic Energy BEING is the KEY to attracting money!

Lesson Two will guide you to take action on what inspires you, and How to use the power of intention formula to more easily manifest your heart’s desires FASTER!  

Experience the magnetic power of engaging others and going lightly forward as a magnet.


Week TWO

In Lesson Three, you will AMP Up your passion for the goals you set in Lesson 1 by Using a quick process to Raise the energy in your body and cells so you can REALLY Feel in your body what you want and tap into virtual reality through the power of your mind.

Fine-tune the vibrational blueprint of whatever you want, so you manifest it more easily!

In Lesson Four, you embed your desire in your cells so the neural pathways in your brain accept it as reality, and Further fine-tune your Virtual Reality scenarios to Raise your vibration even more so your money vibration is activated!


In Lesson Five, you will Play the Magic Action Game to have more money than you think,  and Renew your intentions for the goals you set in Lesson 1.

You will learn how to Feel in your body what you really want and how to Release whatever don't by playing the What If Up game.

In Lesson Six, you are going to learn a magnetizing technique that is so powerful that it can literally change your life. Plus, it is fun, easy and playful and can create MIRACLES!


In Lesson Seven, you will work with a powerful technique that will help you to easily detach from any specific when it comes to HOW your desires manifest.

Lesson Eight, we wrap out the course and take the next action steps!

Are you ready to stop worrying about making enough money and finally have the security that comes with Mastering the system to attract money from the virtual reality?

Start attracting money in a way you can repeat over and over!

  • Stop worrying about money once and for all
  • Feel a sense of security that is not connected to your bank account
  • Activate your Divine Knowing that God (Spirit, Source) is your supply and solutions will be provided 
  • Tap into the miracle mind to manifest solutions beyond logic in any situation
  • Use the Law of the Circle process weekly and watch how money chases you down.  This is THE secret to becoming a millionaire!

  • Move past overwhelm, procrastination and burnout to activate your inner money miracle maker!

You Can Either Continue Feeling Like Money Is A Taskmaster Or Some Elusive Love That Keeps Getting Away OR…
You Can Take Action Today to Eliminate Money Woes Once AND For All!

Program Value: $194

© Sharon Wilson and Coaching from Spirit LLC All Rights Reserved.

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