What exactly does that mean? It's about transcending beyond mere existence and stepping into the radiant essence of our souls. It's about embracing our unique archetypal energies to illuminate our path, enrich our relationships, and amplify our impact on the world.

Join Michele and I as we dive deep into the enigmatic world of archetypes and their profound teachings:

  • Building a business around our gifts: Unravel the secrets to aligning your business endeavors with your innate talents and passions, paving the way for authentic success.
  • Business model design in a new era: Navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship with innovative strategies and forward-thinking approaches.
  • Pros/cons of spiritual tools, mindset, and business strategies: Delve into the intersection of spirituality and business, dissecting the advantages and pitfalls of integrating spiritual practices into your entrepreneurial journey.
  • The entrepreneurial journey and the archetypes that live within us: Embark on a soul-stirring expedition through the labyrinth of entrepreneurship, uncovering the archetypal energies that shape our path to success.

Listen in as we unravel the mysteries of these archetypes and learn how they hold the keys to shifting our perspectives, behaviors, and actions. Through introspection and exploration, we'll unveil the roadmap to fulfilling our mission in this lifetime.

For our listeners, Michele generously extends an invitation to participate in her quiz, designed to unveil your Brilliance Archetype. By taking this quiz, you'll gain access to a complimentary guide, illuminating the pathway to awakening your distinct gifts and harmonizing your business endeavors with your truest self.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Michele is an intuitive guide for conscious leaders, author and speaker. She is known for Your Brilliance Archetype™ guides and the S.E.L.L method, a spiritual philosophy which has helped empower her clients to build businesses that align with their path towards Self Actualization. She is a co-author of the international bestseller book: Success with Source.

She has 15+ years of deep expertise in start-up marketing and simultaneously is an advanced healer and mindset trainer with certifications in 6+ spiritual modalities.

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