So many people spend their days living in “Busyville”, feeling stuck and spinning their wheels.

Imagine how your life will transform when you have the foundation pieces firmly in place for the success of your life and your business?

Once you have the right foundation, everything else will fall line to support the life you are trying to create.

Michelle shared the number one thing that has helped her overcome any feelings of lack of confidence and also a new insight about connecting to your WHY that will allow you to move past any seeming obstacle.

For our listeners, Michelle has graciously offered the gift of her E-Book: The 6-Step System to Regaining and Mastering Your Focus! so you can establish the direction in which you want to go with your focus.

                                                                    ABOUT OUR GUEST

    Michelle is a Personal Productivity Strategist, Success Mentor, International Speaker, and Coach who has found her passion helping others become even more successful.

    After over 25 years as a self-motivated and accomplished corporate professional, Michelle began her entrepreneurial journey and has never looked back. Today, she is empowering business owners, individuals, and entrepreneurs to transform their lives, achieve their goals and turn their dreams into reality.

    Michelle's Gift Offer: 

    You will also find Michelle as our Featured Gift on our Success Support Directory page, if you are not a member yet below we invite you to join.

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    I invite you to join our free Build Your Business from Your Soul Community. In this community not only will you be supported with informational podcasts with Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs but also with a private Facebook group where we will be sharing Mentor Moments, sharing Action Items to take for you personally and for your business, and most importantly the Success Directory with access to amazing free tools you can put into action in your business right now. These gifts are from our podcast entrepreneurs to help you breakthrough into your own success and reaching your goals.


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