If you have spiritual abilities, is it a good idea to stop the business stuff and become a shaman?

Today Misa and I explore how she went from a communications consultant to a transformational coach.

Misa also shares with us:

  • Why it's important from a health standpoint to do what you love.
  • What one thing empathic entrepreneurs need to know about staying healthy
  • What being a spiritually persistent entrepreneur means to Misa as a healer

For our listeners, Misa has graciously offered a Holding Guided MeditationThis ancient Native-based meditation in feminine energy is used by tens of thousands of people all over the world to heal, awaken, manifest and more



                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Misa has been a pioneer in the field of Feminine Consciousness and healing for over 20 years. A 5-times best-selling author, Misa has spoken on stages with of today's most conscious luminaries, and is featured in the soon to be released documentary, The Spark. Her popular SHE Academy helps women world-wide use feminine empowerment principles to heal, awaken, create fulfilling relationships and unleash their destinies.

Misa's Gift Offer:


You will also find Misa as our Featured Gift on our Success Support Directory page, if you are not a member yet below we invite you to join.

Special Invite from:

“Soulful Conversations That Sell”

FREE Masterclass for Healers, Coaches, and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs…

How to have more people saying YES to you without being salesy, pushy, or discounting your services… even if you have selling anxiety.


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