I was guided to start an aspect of my podcast where I can give you mentoring at an inner and outer level and I want to introduce something I am feeling strongly called towards, and that is the concept of being a Quantum Entrepreneur.

I will be talking more about this and what this means for you in my next episode, but for now I want to open the door to activating you in being a Quantum Entrepreneur.

In my experience the energies on the planet are speeding up and this is bringing what may be old energies, old paradigms to the surface in our lives and our world. A sense of overwhelm or out of control with not being able to keep up.  You can reign this in finding those energies around you that support and do not push you down. 

So it may feel like at times you are playing a whack a mole game in your daily life with multiple things presenting themselves in our lives and work and you are finding yourself chasing one “thing” to another.

This is not just you, I have been hearing that from clients and our community around the world since before the Pandemic and I have experienced a lot of that with those close to me that I then am part of the support team to help resolve it! And I want to support and help you too.

Especially with my family, things like unforeseen illnesses or accidents have popped up not once not twice but several times..

 – the pandemic accelerated a lot of old energies and paradigms have been brought to the surface.

It is requiring us to operate at much higher levels and accept higher energies in life and in our businesses and I am calling that being a Quantum Entrepreneur.

I will share more about the elements of being a Quantum Entrepreneur in future episodes for right now, I want to support all those that resonate with this to activate that intention of being open to your Quantum abilities all of which are beyond logic and to let go of old paradigms and allow yourself to be supported and be gentle with yourself.

So lets do a quick activation

I would love to hear what resonates with you about being a Quantum Entrepreneur? Visit us at our Facebook Group and share a comment – I would love to hear from you and connect! Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur 


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