Welcome, everyone to mentoring moments with sharing!

I'm so excited to announce today, the birth of a movement.  On this amazingly special day… 2-22-22 on a Tuesday, the second day of the week!

I've been talking about the whole idea of Quantum Entrepreneur and how this has just been coming to me. I feel that there really is this shift that's occurring, this paradigm shift that we are all going to experience.

So, we are calling this the Quantum Entrepreneur Movement, #QEM.

Over the next several weeks, we're going to be sharing a lot more with you about it.

So just imagine a space where entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs can come together, collaborate, support each other to allow quantum shifts to happen.

I'm just so excited for this movement!

Be sure you stay connected; we’ve got some really wonderful things that we're going to share with you, and we will be asking more about how we can truly support you.

What can you do right now to ensure you are part of the #QEM? Go go to our private Facebook group and join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/quantummovement/ 

The group was previously known as the Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur, the name of my podcast, which is one of the qualities you need to be a Quantum Entrepreneur.

So, if you're in that group now, and you're watching this, stay put, you're in the right place. And if you're just finding out about this, please go to this private free Facebook group, the Quantum Entrepreneur Movement / Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur, and we will be there to support you.

I'm so excited to share with you more about the Quantum Entrepreneur Movement and to hear your insights!

We'll be connecting with you and sharing with you some amazing things that are on their way in the next few weeks. So, thank you so much. And I really see you living lives of love and joy and peace and health and prosperity and always, always.

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