Soon the Holidays will be over… and our thoughts will turn to our personal and business/career goals we have for 2016.

Transformation Road SignSomething happened recently that I just have to share with you that I feel will TRANSFORM your life and work because it TRANSFORMED mine!

I have had a spiritual mentor for over 20 years and have experienced TRUE BONAFIDE miracles in my life and business over and over again.

Recently, I was startled to learn my spiritual mentor and friend of over 20 years, Ruth Lee, will be retiring next year. I panicked because I had yet to do what I promised myself I would do— introduce my community of clients and friends to her work. I want to do this because I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without her help and guidance over the years.

Ruth had no plan to teach new classes, but I went to work on your behalf (truly I wanted a class for me and also to give to you)… and convinced her to share her work and wisdom with us one more time.

I can’t think of a more fitting holiday gift to give you all after last year’s gift of “The 30-Day Abundance Adventure”.

I feel honored to announce that Ruth will be provide six stimulating and insightful classes every other week (for six sessions) beginning on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, at 8pm Eastern. This series is appropriately called, “The Gift of Wisdom”, and it will be freely given to all who wish to work on their lives from the inside out.

Click this link to register for this life-changing series NOW!

Feel free to send this email to everyone you know because this will be a life AND work changing event!

I can guarantee it!

Peace-of-Mind1So, plan now to attend these classes.

This is a NO SELLING/NO GIMMICKS series. What will be offered is pure support and guidance for you and all to whom you share this message

I plan to be on each and every call and soak up this wisdom to allow 2016 to be filled with love, peace, health, prosperity and all GOOD things for me, my family, clients, associates… armed with this POWERFUL otherworldly wisdom put in action…. for everyone on the planet!

All I can tell you now is that each class will highlight one of The Books of Wisdom scribed by Ruth in 1993 and is being reissued in 2016 by LeeWay Publishing.

At this time, the content of each class remains a mystery, but I promise you will be surprised, amazed! Your life will never quite be the same again if you choose to participate.

For more information on The Books of Wisdom or Ruth Lee, Scribe, visit

As time permits, and if Ruth is guided to release more information on these six free classes, I will share it with you here.

Click the link below to register for this life-changing series NOW!

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