Discover 3 Soul-full Selling Secrets to Conversations That Feel Joyful, Easy, and Inspire Your Ideal Clients toSay, “Sign Me Up!”

If you’re a conscious spirit-preneurwho dreads selling conversations—discussing pricing, justifying why someone should work with you, and feeling uncomfortable all around—this is for you!

At Last: A Different Approach to Selling … One That Empowers You to Connect to and Engage with Your Soul Clients, so Sales Conversations Feel Joyful AND Yield Results.

You CAN Serve Instead of Sell … so Your Potential Clients Jump at the Opportunity to Buy Your Product, Program, or Service.

I’ll show you how. 


Join me forDiscover 3 Soul-full Selling Secrets to Conversations That Feel Joyful, Easy, and Inspire Your Ideal Clients to Say, ‘Sign Me Up!’” and discover the exact secrets I have used to dramatically increase my conversion rate in a way that feels effortless and fun!

Specifically, you can expect to discover:

An intuitive conversation formula that feels connected and soul-full (and works like clockwork in any industry!), so you can enjoy high earnings year after year.

How to engage your soon-to-be clients in a powerful, spiritual decision-making process, so they never feel pushed, pressured, or “sold.” (This is the magic behind inspiring more than 50% of your ideal prospects to say “yes” to working with you!)

How to clearly communicate the value of your product, program, or services, so folks feel excited to hire you, paying your full fee.

The magical, energy-based formula to use whenever someone says he or she “can’t afford it.” This formula will shift your potential clients from lack into prosperity thinking—increasing the chances they’ll purchase, and giving them a taste of what your coaching can do.

And more.


About your mentor, Sharon Wilson, Founder of
Coaching from Spirit Institute

Just over two decades ago, Sharon Wilson was a Corporate America worker bee, and she was miserable!She felt like she wasn’t doing anything that made a difference. She had $100,000 in credit card debt, her marriage was on the rocks, and she needed an escape. She asked the universe for a sign, and that very night, she had a powerful spiritual experience. Angels communicated with her at heart level, and showed her what was possible if she stayed on earth. Eventually, this spiritual guidance led her to become a spiritual coach—and she’s never looked back. Within three months, using the system her spirit guides gave her, she replaced her corporate income. Now, she’s on a mission to guide and support other spirit-led “spirit-preneurs” to attract their soul-level clients and build their dream businesses!


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