Help! My Child Keeps Pushing My Buttons, and I Don’t Want to “Lose It” (Again)!
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Introducing The Empowered Spiritual Parenting 8-week Program!

This Program will take you from where you are…to where you want to go in your relationship with your child and anything else you want to apply it to!

In fact, this is the core program that my coaching clients pay $3,000 for as part of my Spiritual Coaching Programs.

It’s the basis of everything I do and teach, and it was “downloaded” to me through my own Inner Guidance during a very difficult and soul-searching time in my life over 20 years ago.

At the end of each Lesson, you’ll find Activation Tools; each designed to help you implement what you learned in that Lesson, and help you discover how to create the relationship you want with your kids – and more!

What you’ll discover in the Empowered Spiritual Parent 8-Week Program!

  • How to manage your energy and your emotions so that you can create an enjoyable, loving, fun and mutually respectful relationship with your child or teenager.
  • How financial worries impacts a family and how you can create more abundance through a shift in your thinking…so that financial stress is no longer creating stress in your relationships.
  • How to shift your energy quickly when you’re having a disagreement with your partner or child…so you can avoid the drama and get back to peace. (It’s all about practice…you’ll just keep getting better and better at it!)
  • How to transform your “Vibrational Output” or your thought patterns so you can shift your limiting beliefs about yourself, your relationships, and what’s possible for the future.
  • How to get in touch with what you’re really feeling or thinking…so you can choose to shift your focus and start attracting what you want to experience with your child – and others – instead of what you don’t want.
  • And much, much more!


“Energy Management Allows You to Experience More Peace In Your Life and Your Family”

How Much Does It Cost and What’s Included?

A Step-by-Step Guide on how to develop both an Inner and an Outer approach to your family, your work and to your life. When you have completed the 8 short Lessons, you will be able to overcome your own guilt, fear and frustrations in regards to parenting and step into a new model of living where you have the tools to manage your energy – no matter what’s going on around you – and attract the experiences and relationships with your children, family and friends that bring you the most joy.

Weekly Lesson Overview

LESSON 1: What is a Spiritual Parent?

LESSON 2: Understanding Financial and Emotional Balance are Keys to Peace

LESSON 3: Partnering with Your Inner Vibration for Success

LESSON 4: Energy Management is the Way to Activating Change

LESSON 5: Learn how to Script to Create Vibrational Output

LESSON 6: What is The Perceptual Shift Process?

LESSON 7: Activating Prosperity Consciousness

LESSON 8: Naming Your Relationship with Money

You'll Also Receive The Following Bonuses!

Bonus One (value: $300)

You will receive a one-on-one PRIVATE coaching session with me. This session is designed to help you apply the Energy Management System found in my Guidebook specifically with your parenting challenges…or ANY other aspect of your career, business or life.

Remember, this is a PRIVATE coaching session, so you will receive personalized one-on-one coaching to help you further deepen your understanding of this personal Energy Management system. My intention is that you discover how to apply the Energy Management System to real-life situations you are experiencing right now. Once you sign up, you will be given instructions on how to schedule your free PRIVATE 60-minute coaching session!

Bonus Two (value: $79)

In this 32-page in-depth report , Building Self Esteem In Children by Self-Esteem Expert, Jen Charbonneau, you're going to learn:

* Why the “mirror” has become your daughter's harshest judge & what you as a parent can do.

* Why comparing doesn't build self esteem and how limiting it can really be.

* What to say when a shopping trip with your daughter goes from bad to worse.

You will walk away with:

* Practical strategies and a language that you can use right away to promote self worth and beauty in your child.

* Practical ideas that girls can implement to build self esteem and self worth.

* Profound insight into how parenting awakens our own unresolved issues with body image and self worth.

You CAN become an Empowered Spiritual Parent and you CAN develop both an Inner and an outer approach to managing your energy and enjoying your family, your work and your life.

It’s a simple process that I can’t wait to teach you!

Once you discover how to manage your energy, your life will never be the same!

Your children will learn from your example how to manage their energy as well, so they too can live a rich, rewarding, purposeful life.

Sharon Wilson
Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
Coaching From Spirit Institute

© Sharon Wilson and Coaching from Spirit LLC All rights reserved.

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