Paula Hannasch is a Business Coach and Mentor from Glendale, Arizona whose passion and expertise is to support entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in creating a profitable, soulful business.

In this powerful interview discover:

  • The KEY problems people have that cause their business struggles and the powerful energy process to side step these problems!* How to tap into inner guidance for practical results in any areas of your business or life! 
  • What is energy management and why it is the Most critical technology you really NEED to start or grow your business 


Paula Hannasch is a Business Coach who works with Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Creatives.  She lives in Arizona however, thanks totechnology, she has the ability to work with her clients worldwide through video conferencing and telephone. 

 Her belief that we were designed for our body, mind and Spirit to work together in harmony as a whole, make her coaching unique as she works with clients from an inner as well as outer perspectiveto create aSoulful, profitable business that is aligned with who they truly are providing the opportunity for success at a deeper, more satisfying level.

 Paula’s spiritual, energetic base, deep understanding of universal principles, and unique set of processes and systems work to create not only positive relationships, but also business success to make her a much sought-after coach and mentor.

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