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I am the Founder and Chief inspiration officer of the Coaching from Spirit Institute and host of the podcast, The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur.

I have been mentoring people to create six figure plus businesses for over 20 years, but it has not always been unicorns and rainbows. 🙂

Through the years, I have had my share of what seemed at the time like setbacks in my personal and professional life. Through going those experiences, I found out (and am still learning) how to be a Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur.  In my view, it is all about blending the inner and outer approach to build your business from your soul. 

My intention in creating this podcast is to gather some of the MOST amazing trailblazing business owners who have overcome all kinds of obstacles and limitations that can help our community start or grow their heart-centered business.

Together, we can activate in them that, “You can do THIS with no list and a shoe-string budget. You CAN have a six-figure plus business doing what you love and working the hours you want to work. You CAN have the fulfillment, fun, flow and FREEDOM while serving the greatest good!

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