Have you ever had those moments when you wake up in the morning and you just feel like all of your positive energy has vanished without a trace? Ever feel that you are at a low point on the vibrational scale and you don’t quite know how you got there, why you feel the way you do, or how to overcome the negatives that seem to be piled up? This type of experience is very common during a pregnancy and post partum. While there are many factors (hormonal changes, stress, fear, etc.) that contribute to this feeling of “being off,”, you can change it and bring yourself and your energy back to the place where you desire for it to be!state you desire.

The most important thing to remember when faced with pregnancy or post partum stress is that you can control your own life. By making the decision to amplify your connection with Spirit and deepen your trust in that Spirit, you can control your vibrational outputs and focus your energy on things that benefit, instead of take away from, your happiness. One way to accomplish this is by scripting your day. Scripting your day means taking a few minutes in the morning to check in with yourself, imagine the day ahead, and consciously describe how you want to experience it! Even when you feel completely overwhelmed with your pregnancy or your post partum existence, you can use the scripting tool to activate the day at a cellular level and partner with Spirit in the everyday details of your life.

Because this entire exercise is focused around allowing Spirit to partner with you and bring what you desire into your day, the first step in scripting is to connect to Spirit. This can be done in whatever way feels best for you. Take your time and really allow the connection to happen. Once you have made this vital connection, it is time to describe to Spirit what you want. This is a two part process, beginning with where you are currently and ending with where you want to be. For the first portion, try answering questions like:

  • How am I feeling?
  • What is bothering me?
  • What do I require help with?

Because pregnancy and post partum often is often associated with a sense of being overwhelmed or unsure of what to do, don’t be afraid to express these things! Try to be as specific as you can when identifying what is there and what you are feeling.

Once you have established a baseline, begin to script what you want to experience in your day around the things that you have just identified. These may be tangible or actionable items, such as “I want 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep,” or intangible or feeling related items like “I want to feel a bond with my child today.” No matter what you desire, be sure to include it. As you script, imagine yourself experiencing each of the items and build your energy around this image. Doing this will activate each item in you and set things in motion for your scripted day to occur.

That’s it! Once you have taken the time to complete these simple scripting activities, simply go about your day with your senses wide open for signs of what you scripted to show up. Expect it, look for it, be excited to see it, and watch the energy shift! As you continue to do this daily, post partum anxieties and negative pregnancy feelings really will change. You will notice that you are happier and that you are actively moving up the vibrational scale. This, in turn, will put you in a place where you notice positive things more than before and aligns your actions to draw more positives to you!



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