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The Quantum Entrepreneur Movement and why you should join…

The Quantum Entrepreneur Movement is about helping you succeed in every aspect of your life. It’s whole-heart collaboration with other quantum thinkers, business and non-business folks on all subjects that affect every part of life and work.

It’s an entire galaxy of information, support, and intention being shared and activated together.


Once someone becomes a QEM Member, those sales are yours for as long as that person is a QEM Member. So month after month you will continue to earn commissions!!! This could be an AMAZING additional passive recurring income for you! ⭐️


If you have questions about our Quantum Energy Partner Program or if you run into a snag, please don't hesitate to contact us. For all questions feel free to contact Sara Garcia at

Quantum Entrepreneur
Movement Leaders


Sharon Wilson is a former executive in both corporate & non-profit sectors as well as co-founder of Transforming Culture Consultants. Sharon is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at the Coaching from Spirit Institute and Chief Mindset/Growth Officer at Transforming Culture Consultants, she is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Master Mindset Mentor and has supported thousands to use an inner and outer approach to have six figure plus businesses with more Joy, Fulfillment and FUN!


Tracey Starr is known as the Heart 2 Heart Connector and is a serial Quantum Entrepreneur with several ongoing ventures and has successful $ 7-figure experience in building brick-n-mortar, digital, joint venture, affiliate, and metaverse businesses in multiple industries, but shines her light mostly on spiritual and personal development where she collaborates with celebrities and admired global transformational leaders to help elevate humanity and our world.

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