Are you ready to activate Quantum Abilities in your life and business?

THEN Say goodbye
to the hustle & grind

YOU know the drill…

Wake up early to get a “jump” on the day only to realize your email is… crickets. It’s as dead as that house plant you promised you’d pamper. So you send some follow-up emails. Peruse some job boards, take a chug of the lukewarm coffee at your desk and sigh. You look around and there are a million things you need to do but you have zero energy to do anything. All you want to do is give up and go back to bed.

There’s gotta be a better way to live, right?

Everything can’t be a battle just to survive.

Life is more than just work and bills, right?

It’s exhausting.

It’s frustrating.

But you know it doesn’t have to be this way.

You’re a Quantum Thinker… You know that life is more than what we see in this 3D world.
Yet… you’re not living the life you dream of.

Why? What’s missing? 

How does anyone maintain high vibes in a world with so much darkness?It’s draining.You feel alone. Very alone.Most everyone in your life is asleep.And you feel like the black sheep. (Yes, we just rhymed. ????)

All your thoughts are counter-productive to success.

And you’re crying for help… in all areas of your life.

It’s time for a Quantum Shift.

A new way of being.

A new way of living, working and doing business.

A new way of connecting with other Quantum Thinkers.

A new way … a better way …

Welcome to EASE & FLOW.

The Quantum Entrepreneur Movement is about bringing entrepreneurs folks together in a collaborative support space.

It’s an entire galaxy of information, support and intention being shared and activated together.

Let go of the old way & Catch the Wave to the Better way.

A Better way … to learn, earn, share and coexist.

A Better way …  to create and live.

STOP suffering every day NOT living your dreams.

STOP allowing the limits of others to hold YOU back.

You’re destined to do more than just pay bills and die.

You‘re a Quantum Thinker.

YOU KNOW everything is energy. And we are all One… 

What is a Quantum Entrepreneur?

While we prefer not to limit the definition, we consider a Quantum Entrepreneur to be is a heart-centered business owner with integrity that is a Quantum Thinker who focuses on energy principles, high vibrations, higher guidance, and works with the Quantum Field through conscious intention and who is not just living in the logical 3D world. They understand energy exchange and are driven to succeed for the good of all mankind. 

 What Is The Quantum Entrepreneur Movement

The Quantum Entrepreneur Movement is about bringing entrepreneurs together in a collaborative support space so that everyone thrives! We're creating a Quantum Wave of support, resources, and a new Quantum eCommerce Directory. Quantum Entrepreneurs need feedback and support… and more business! Non-business folks need high vibe products and services from heart-centered businesses led by kindred Quantum Thinkers that understand energy exchange and we intend to help you support the people that need you and your services.

It’s a win / win / win for everyone!

Are you ready to catch the Quantum Wave?

quantum entrepreneur movement – how it began


It all started with a high vibe Energy Connection call between Sharon Wilson and Tracey Starr exploring having Tracey interview on Sharon’s Spiritiually Persistent Entrepreneur Podcast. During what seems to be the most Divine call…


Sharon shared her frustrations with being a conscious entrepreneur and the struggles that we all find ourselves moving through at one point or another. Especially if you are a Quantum Thinker trying to work and market our businesses in the 3D realm!


Tracey shared her pain too, saying the personal challenges of staying in high vibe makes it all so much worse… and that there must be a better way! They began discussing solutions when Sharon mentioned her idea for the Quantum Entrepreneur Movement and invited Tracey to partner with her in the co-creation of this powerful new program to support both.

Together they are building this platform to support other Quantum Thinkers… entrepreurs and non-business folks alike. Why? So they too can have the support and resources they were missing!


“I really never imagined myself good at sales. I thought sales were sleazy and manipulative. But with Sharon’s Spiritual
Selling process, I am amazed at what I have accomplished in such a short period of time! I have a 70% close and I actually feel good on these calls. They really are sacred, expansive experiences for the potential client and for me! I encourage you to sign up for anything Sharon does. You will be transformed!

Helaine Z. Harris,

Founder of An Awakening Center


“Tracey’s dedication to her own business, the companies she works with, her family, her friends is beyond extraordinary. She is loyal, loving and committed. If you’re looking for someone conscious with a natural gift to intuitively connect and engage on a soulful level and extraordinarily positive energy to impact and uplift your life and business, I highly recommend Tracey Starr.”

Debra Poneman

“Yes to Success and Your Year of Miracles”


I am so fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the new Quantum Entrepreneur Movement with Sharon Wilson and Tracey Starr. From the beginning I felt uplifted and supported into the quantum realm and vibration. Here I found within myself a greater sense of self respect and calmness. I noticed multiple synchronistic happenings within and around me. My relationships flowed with greater ease and I felt more confident, elevated and directed.

Plus, your guest speakers were excellent with amazing information.

Thank you, Sharon and Tracey for sharing your valuable time and gifts.


With appreciation,
Pamela Neale

Start harnessing your synergy today


Quantum Entrepreneur Movement Star

Quantum Entrepreneur Star

Everything you could dream of to help put your business AND life on the track to Quantum Success.

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  • It is a stand-alone site so easy to find on search engines
  • This is not a boring, static directory… it’s filled with interactive features…
    • Business profile with special offers and discount codes
    • Upload images and videos
    • Post articles, tips, hacks
    • Post events and promotions
    • Business Profile Rating System… think Yelp… Quantum on steroids!
      • Gather new testimonials with the click of a button
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Access to the High Vibe Tribe Private Forum ($1,997 VALUE)

  • We support you daily to manifest what you want, stay in high vibes, and create powerful connections
  • You get two powerful mentors, Sharon and Tracey, and our team of support, tech experts, and more to guide you in any aspect of creating and growing your business… even part-time!
  • Everyone has a passion they can turn into profits and service – let us support you to emerge that!


So what should you do if you are just starting building your business?

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Where passion and soul synergize!


⭐ The Soulful Conversations That Sell On-Demand Program ($1,997 VALUE)


  • Learn Sharon Wilson’s proven system and never have a painful sales conversation again and have financial peace of mind with consistent dream clients
  • Four modules of Self-Paced Comprehensive Training– ($2,000 Value)
  • Weekly Group Mentor Support Calls ($997 Value)
  • Private forum ($1,500 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to the Program– Priceless!

You get to collaborate and learn from Quantum Thinkers and like-minded passion-driven people!  

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Quantum Shifts
Coaching Success Stories

“So High Vibe”

“I just got out of our live group coaching session and I feel sooo high vibe! Sharon and Tracey did a live 1:1 Quantum session with me in front of the group. I learned A LOT and have pages of notes. A special, special thanks to Tracey and Sharon for all your empowering words! I am beyond grateful and blessed.”

Glenda Lezeau

“Shifts Already”

“I so enjoyed the live group coaching session. It seems to have shifted something in me, like believing in myself and feeling more confident that whatever I decide to do, the universe has my back and so do all of you. I feel absolutely so blessed and supported for the first time in a very, very long time. Thank you group and thank you Sharon and Tracey. Have an outrageously excellent week y'all!”

– Wanda Hamilton

“Its great to have this framework”!

I've been a quantum thinker since I've been an adult in the 80's. I was very alone because no one else I knew thought differently or understood what I was talking about..It wasn't until I heard you coaching in your free program that I realized I am a quantum being.. It felt great to have found you guys and hear you speaking my language. It's great to have a framework for the kind of transformation you're inspiring!

Go forth in joy!

Chona Joy Ananda

The Joy Meister

We give you the keys to unlock YOUR super powers.


“With Sharon’s coaching system, I have made huge strides in my business as a Personal Brand Coach in a short amount of time. In fact, Sharon helped me double my fees, AND I am now experiencing 50% conversions or more now. It’s all because of Sharon’s approach to selling and communicating with potential clients and existing clients. Investing in Sharon’s program has been the best thing I have ever done for myself and my business.”

Oge Okosieme


“Tracey is a strategist and mentor who can help you envision and plot a course for your next level. If it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t be enjoying the level of success I currently do. Nor would I be having the level of impact on helping people wake up to their true nature.”

GP Walsh

The Wandering Sage


“This is so amazing! I accomplished in a few short months things I haven't been able to accomplish in years! Learning this system is the secret to connecting with people. I am not a salesperson by any means, and with this system, I was easily able to create a magnetic language to convert 40-50% of the people I was talking to in signing up for my coaching services and programs. I was amazed at how this process works and how much fun it is to do. It also gave me the support on an inner level to feel confident when going through the process! As a result, I have made 100K in a little over six months. It's the best investment that I have made in my life. Now, my business is growing even faster and it keeps going strong!”

Heather Picken


“Sharon, I am so excited! In just 2 weeks in your program, I attracted 3 clients! Within six weeks, I attracted 7 one-year coaching clients!! I had never offered a one-year option before but with your mentoring, I did it! I would tell anyone that found this program.. If you are on the fence about taking it… RUN to sign up!”

Paula Hannasch


“The Wide Awakening worked with Tracey for several years. She is an inspiration and filled with ideas that assisted to expand our company forward. We are so blessed to have found Tracey …”

Jennifer Hough

Expert the Science of Flow, Author, Speaker, Master Business Trainer: The Evolutionary Business Council

30 Day Quantum Test Drive Promise

All of our offerings come with a risk-free 30 day guarantee. Give the support system a test drive and if it is not a match, we will joyfully refund your investment.

If you have any questions please contact us directly at

Quantum Shift Leader Guest Gift:

David Riklan

VIP invitation to Virtual networking event
Meet Partner Brainstorm Collaborate and Cross Promote with over 1,000 business owners in the Self-Improvement Industry

Your Quantum Entrepreneur
Movement Mentors


Sharon Wilson is a former executive in both corporate & non-profit sectors as well as co-founder of Transforming Culture Consultants. Sharon is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at the Coaching from Spirit Institute and Chief Mindset/Growth Officer at Transforming Culture Consultants. She is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Master Mindset Mentor and has supported thousands to use an inner and outer approach to have six figure plus businesses.



Tracey Starr is known as the Heart 2 Heart Connector and is a serial Quantum Entrepreneur with several ongoing ventures and has successful $ 7-figure experience in building brick-n-mortar, digital, joint venture, affiliate, and metaverse businesses in multiple industries, but shines her light mostly on spiritual and personal development where she collaborates with celebrities and admired global transformational leaders to help elevate humanity and our world.

© Sharon Wilson and Coaching from Spirit LLC  All rights reserved.

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