Raquel began working with companies such as Fox Films, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Orange Telecom, McDonalds, Westin Palace and major advertising agencies like McCann Erickson and BBDO, helping employees and CEOs radically amplify their creativity, innovation and commitment to a greater vision. Through that work she found her true calling as an elite mentor to powerhouse visionary women, who are ready to catapult to the next level of success. This time it’s not just about financial success, but radical freedom.

Listen in to today's episode to learn more about:

  • What the different protocols are to turn up the volume of Divine Downloads and why is this a Super Power for visionaries and changemakers?
  • How to leap from your zone of excellence to doing your iconic work in the world.
  • Why spiritual blocks are a taboo blind spot for entrepreneurs.
  • What Divine Feminine is and why is it important for powerful women to access their next level of life and business success.

For our listeners, Raquel has graciously offered a short training based on her #1 Best Seller “Spiritual Seductress”. Unlock your Secret Power will initiate your path to Spiritual Mastery and Ultimate Freedom.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Raquel is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.” She is the pre-eminent Spiritual Advisor to female Visionaries and Leaders. She is an International Speaker, Mystic Artist and Feminine Leadership Trendsetter. Struck by a car in 2008, Raquel;s near-death experience elicited a spiritual awakening. She quit her successful career as a NYC architect and embarked on her work as an Elite Spiritual Advisor.

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