Why NOW is your time to be seen!

If you know that you have a specific message or purpose that is meant to be shared to support others and you're not ‘findable' on video – then you're missing a huge percentage of people that could potentially purchase what you offer.

Today Rich and I discuss:


  • Why video is the #1 way to increase your visibility and authority
  • The power of leading with your Vision vs Fear
  • How to combine the magic of storytelling and video to make a bigger impact
For our listeners, Rich has graciously offered the gift of his training series, The Slice of Life Video Formula, that shows you how to transform your everyday experiences into videos that will attract your ideal clients and broadcast your brilliance without using a script!

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Rich shows rising visionaries how to transform their life experiences into attention-getting videos that will magnetize their ideal customers. He teaches you how to burst out of the shadows so you can confidently broadcast your brilliance and increase your visibility!

To Access Rich's Free Gift  put your name and email below and we will direct you over to our Success Directory. You will also find a lot of other free gifts from our other amazing podcast guests.


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