Do you enjoy films and TV shows that uplift your spirit and restore your faith in humanity? Do you enjoy the feeling of #gratitude for living in an environment that affords women a voice? An environment where we can stand up for our rights and actually be heard?

Well, not every woman in the world is afforded the same opportunities in life, which is why I invite you to watch the Netflix docu-series titled “Daughters of Destiny”.

It is a series about a select number of young women from India who were lifted out #poverty #consciousness.


They had been chosen to attend a unique school founded by a successful business man from India who paid his good fortune forward by giving back.

The school is called Shanti Bhavan, which means Haven of Hope.  Unfortunately, this Haven cannot offer respite for every child because, every year, they must turn away hundreds due to lack of funding.

The “Daughters Of Destiny”

The selected few attend Shanti Bhavan from preschool to 12th grade where they are afforded what we all deserve in life — a loving and nurturing environment that has structure and a proper education.

The school's concept is that the graduates #PayItForward by giving back to their families and neighbors, so they can ALL be lifted out of #poverty.

These children become the community leaders.

Here are two additional gifts that this school bestows upon them:

  1. Upon graduation, their college tuition is paid.
  2. Hope for a better life is activated for all concerned.

What I learned …

India has a caste system, and in this system, many of these children are referred to as the “untouchables.

Why?  Because they were born into poverty.  How very sad that someone is seen as less than and unworthy for a situation outside their control.

I had no idea the level of discrimination, violence, and hatred that is involved in these societies.

I cried many times during the first episode, but then came the relief.  The #transformation people experienced through the power of #love was inspiring! These amazing people shifted at the deepest levels — even when everyone in their society said they were undeserving of receiving love and transforming as a result of it.

How You Can Help…

These daughters and sons are transforming the world through #love.  We can help them build more schools, so more children can rise up.  If you feel guided, consider an end-of-the-year donation by visiting the link below.

“Our children have extraordinary potential. We enable them to fulfill it.”

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