The combination of her eclectic background in personal and professional development translates to a unique and exceptional understanding of people, from multi-million-dollar business owners to entrepreneurs that are just getting started in business.

So what qualifies someone as an entrepreneur?

The authentic desire.

You didn't get the entrepreneurial thought or desire by accident.

Today, Sandra and I will talk about:

  • How to access your gifts and talents
  • How to value yourself and exchange value in business
  • The concept of bottom line in business of creating profit as well as upper line of wellbeing, without you being well. the business will not be sustainable
  • Redefining business in a way that attracts more entrepreneurs that hold values of integrity and fair exchange

For our listeners, Sandra has graciously offered the gift of her free 6=week program that takes you through the beginning of having a business.

                                                                    ABOUT OUR GUEST

    Sandra Francisco is a Business Coach that helps entrepreneurs go from idea to profit while balancing their personal growth so that they can have true fulfillment and extraordinary profit. 

    Sandra spent 15 years as a marketing and product development expert for two of Canada's fortune 10 company's, managing 50 and 100 million-dollar projects while leading 1000's of people. 

    After making the difficult decision to leave the corporate path, she found herself exploring professional coaching and the dynamics of the human psyche.  

     Sandra holds a Business Commence Degree and is certified in multiple modalities of the human psyche and peak performance. 

    Sandra's Gift Offer:

     You will also find Sandra as our Featured Gift on our Success Support Directory page, if you are not a member yet below we invite you to join.

    Special Invite from:

    Join Our "Build Your Business From Your Soul" Community

    I invite you to join our free Build Your Business from Your Soul Community. In this community not only will you be supported with informational podcasts with Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs but also with a private Facebook group where we will be sharing Mentor Moments, sharing Action Items to take for you personally and for your business, and most importantly the Success Directory with access to amazing free tools you can put into action in your business right now. These gifts are from our podcast entrepreneurs to help you breakthrough into your own success and reaching your goals.


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