The feminine survival instinct is to stay connected at all times. Sales and marketing is a potential disconnect to that feminine survival self which can hold us back.

If we do that thing that we're afraid of and see we are okay at the end of it…….we may even THRIVE at the end of it!

On today's episode, Sarah and I go over:

  • Why feminine survival instincts are getting in the way of your truly being powerful in sales making conversations
  • How the sales process is 80% feminine, only 20% masculine and how to make that work for you
  • Ways to leverage your feminine side in the sales conversation so you can stop overthinking every word

For our listeners, Sarah has graciously offered a gift of a the 7 Essential Money Making Conversations Flowchart. Know what to say + what to do every step of the way to start finding high ticket clients everywhere.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Sarah Michael helps visionary entrepreneurs nail down their words to articulate hard-to-describe services and tap into their Feminine Sales Power so they magnetize their ideal clients – without it getting awkward. 

Combining her practical business expertise, years of marketing and sales experience and gifts for Messaging, she created the Feminine Sales Power System that helps clients skyrocket their confidence and income with high-ticket programs that sell like hotcakes. 

Sarah utilizes a rigorous client attraction process that leads to 200% more sales conversations with the right people and converting 70% with clients excited and committed to working with them, often doubling or tripling their rates as well. 

Sarah speaks and leads workshops throughout the country and around the world on topics related to leadership, sales and marketing. She holds a degree in English from Kenyon College and a Masters of Communication Arts from New York University. 

Sarah's Gift Offer:

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