Have you ever stopped to ponder whether you are truly charging your worth?

In our world, a vast majority of healers are women. It's a beautiful tapestry intricately woven into the very fabric of our beings. Yet, all too often, we do this without reaping the financial rewards we deserve.

It's time to change that narrative, to recognize our worth and embrace the transformative power of charging for our invaluable healing gifts. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery as we unravel the untold stories of these remarkable healers and celebrate the immense value they bring to our lives. Join Shayla and me today while we discuss:

  • Why most spiritual women coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners undervalue their incredible services.
  • Uncovering the #1 mindset shift spiritual women coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners can make to attract abundance in their lives.
  • Unlocking the secret to attracting clients who truly appreciate your work, value what you do, and are willing to pay what you genuinely deserve.

For our listeners, Shayla has graciously invited you to attend her Masterclass: How to Attract & Enroll a Steady Stream of High-End Clients You Love – Exclusively for heart-and-soul-centered women coaches, healers. Here you can learn how to do this with integrity, without feeling guilty, working too much or losing your soul.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Shayla teaches spiritual women coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners how to create a steady stream of high-end clients they love, without feeling guilty, working too much or losing your soul.

An empath, introvert and healer all her life, Shayla has had a formal spiritual and meditation practice since 1981. She ran her own six-figure wellness center for 20 years and has done over 20,000 in-person client sessions. Shayla now focuses on supporting and empowering other women healers around the world to shine their lights more brightly and live lives of deeper purpose, abundance, freedom, and joy.

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