What the key is to manifesting everything. Make sure you listen in as we share real life stories of powerful transformations using they key to everything! We also talk about:

  • How unconscious stories you don’t even know about are affecting your prosperity, relationships, and health as your grow your business
  • How you are addicted to situations of struggle in your life and business
  • How simple intentions can shift your whole reality
  • How to create bigger results in your business and your life with simple tools

For our listeners, Shiraz has graciously offered the gift of his Focus & Brain Training Audios. Use these audios to improve your mental muscles. Listening 15-30 minutes will help improve your ability to focus, stay calm, and deal with stressful situations more easily.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Shiraz Baboo is an Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, and Reality Interventionist.  

Entrepreneurs & Coaches hire Shiraz to rewrite their business stories, and with them, their reality because most people are unknowingly addicted to stories of adversity and struggle and left with a lack of success, confidence, and freedom. Shiraz helps you to eliminate, terminate, and annihilate your unconscious addiction to these stories in order to ignite a stream of high paying clients while fueling an abundance of free time, money, and energy. 


To Access Shiraz's Free Gift  put your name and email below and we will direct you over to our Success Directory. You will also find a lot of other free gifts from our other amazing podcast guests.


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I invite you to join our free Build Your Business from Your Soul Community. In this community not only will you be supported with informational podcasts with Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs but also with a private Facebook group where we will be sharing Mentor Moments, sharing Action Items to take for you personally and for your business, and most importantly the Success Directory with access to amazing free tools you can put into action in your business right now. These gifts are from our podcast entrepreneurs to help you breakthrough into your own success and reaching your goals.


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