What is the science of love, genius and prolific wealth?

We are all seeking something. It may feel different for each person, but what we're really after is pure coherency, the substance of life that insatiates us, fills us with light & nurtures us. It's bringing it back to the core of the substance of self which is what we're actually seeking. 

Today Solara takes us on a journey to:

  • Understanding the supernatural influences in our lives
  • Quantum collapsing your visions into the present moment, direct from the unified field

For our listeners, Solara has graciously offered the gift of her eBook: The Nirvana Synthesis and her Quantum Masterclass Transmissions on SoundCloud.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Solara is liquid radiance in human form. She has the rare ability to entrance whip-smart, spiritually adept and high-achieving magical people into reaching life-altering levels that even they were unable to fully envision as possible for themselves — or believe themselves capable of. One timeless, immaculate moment in Solara's field inevitably leads to the most extraordinary, luxurious thing an individual can experience in a lifetime: Divine Identity Mastery within a brave, brand new world all of their own making.

Solara's clients step away from her miracle matrix fully expressed in Genius, dripping in success, exquisitely powered to share their beauty, brilliance and gifts with the world

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