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“No one can vibrate for us, that is our job… raising your vibration creates miracles!”

  • Unlock Your Spiritual Selling Superpowers
  • Harness the Power of Spirituality for Business Success 
  • Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to ONLY Attract Soul Clients
  • Coaches, Healers, & Entrepreneurs: Uncover Your Inner Peace Now!
  • Attract Ideal Clients Without Selling Anxiety or Stress  OR – Stop Selling & Start Attracting with a Stress Free Strategy

  • Activating the Quantum Entrepreneur in YOU!
  • The power of connecting with your Quantum Twin to manifest the reality of your dreams NOW!

  • How to use Quantum Principles to manifest faster and easier!

Suggested Questions

  • What is a soul client?
  • What is our vibrational frequency and how can that impact attracting clients?

  • How do we connect with an inner guidance to get practical Divine Downloads?

  • How can we deactivate beliefs that are not serving us and activate ones that do?

  • Can you share your healing story, Sharon?

  • What is a Quantum Entrepreneur?

  • What are Quantum Principles and how can you use them in biz and life to manifest easier and faster?

  • Why is the Law of Attraction not working for me?

  • How can I harness the power of gratitude to shift timelines to allow in more of what I want in my life and biz?

  • Can you tell us about what  the Quantum Entrepreneur Movement is?

Meet Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is a trailblazing entrepreneur, spiritual mentor, and podcast host dedicated to inspiring others to live with purpose and cultivate meaningful connections. After having worked in executive roles in both corporate and nonprofit settings for more than 20 years, Sharon has developed an expertise in business strategy, marketing, human resources, organizational training—and most importantly—mindset mentorship. Her extensive background as a spiritual activator has allowed her to help thousands of private clients and students overcome fear, anxiety, doubt, and limitation by teaching them how to build trust with their inner guidance systems.

Sharon is the founder of Coaching from Spirit Institute—a global online training and mentoring organization that provides people with the tools they need to create empowered lives and businesses. An accomplished author in her own right, Sharon has a chapter in the book,  Intentional Change alongside human potential expert Jack Canfield. She also hosts The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur podcast where she shares valuable advice on turning your passions into profitable businesses.

It’s clear that Sharon Wilson has devoted her life to helping others reach their goals through positivity and self-awareness. With an unparalleled enthusiasm for fostering connection and growth amongst all who engage with her work, it’s no surprise that so many have been inspired by Sharon’s unique wisdom and leadership.

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