This year, I have been sharing with you in our articles, a core concept that I believe will transform any situation in your life, your family's lives and ultimately create a transformed world!

You see, when you harness this core concept in your life – your business, your health – everything changes!

It is the God-mind connection!

What is the God-mind connection?

To put it very simply:  We have a choice, in any moment, to think from one of two minds or consciousness.

  1. God-mind consciousness (or use whatever word resonates with you) is the vibrational connection, the doorway or gateway to powerful Universal energy that is rooted in Love, Peace, and all higher level consciousness.
  2. Earth-mind consciousness is the lower level energies of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy – you name it!

This is not airy-fairy stuff! This is science, spiritual, AND practical knowledge… all at once! Trust me on this!

Here is how I have come to experience how it works.

When we think a thought that is fearful, we are thinking with Earth-mind consciousness.

WE are all one and connected in the energy of consciousness, so when we feel fear or think a thought of anger or even overwhelm, we tap into the Earth-mind consciousness of EVERYONE that has thought or is thinking thoughts that match that vibrational frequency.

This is why we can easily get sucked into that lower level consciousness, which can be hard to escape.

Sometimes we stay in that consciousness all day; worrying about one thing or another until we finally fall asleep at night and stop our conscious thought and attraction.

WHEW! That can feel exhausting!

When we choose to shift our energy, even a little bit, we can find our way back to God-mind consciousness. AHHHHH!

So, what happens when we are tapped into God-mind consciousness?

We tap into the ENERGY that can create miracles.  Energy that can connect us with aligned solutions.  Energy that supports us to live our lives from a place of service and empowerment.

In my experience, it can be VERY, VERY HARD to do this on our own.

For years, I struggled with worry addiction, and I am still recovering!

I saw this again and again with clients and students. It was as if their own thoughts were torturing them… and keeping them from making any progress – no matter what actions they took.

It was heartbreaking.  After a lot of prayer, meditation and journaling, I received the answer!  It all became clearer to me, and I got what was really going on and how to fix it!

Imagine how often in a day, or in an hour, you feel worry, overwhelm, envious, bored, angry or resentful.

Imagine how many times in a day you think with Earth-mind.

How many times do you get sucked into Earth-mind fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, lack, regrets, future worry, comparing yourself to others, or feeling less than in some way?

Imagine how much time is spent spinning your proverbial manifestation wheel getting nowhere, even though, you are working hard!

So, how can you be more connected to God-mind consciousness, and experience more flow, ease, and joy – even in the midst of chaos?

In my experience, the best way is to join with other like-minded people who are focused on that intention and who will support you to shift when you feel stuck.

When a group of people join together to focus energy, the people in the group's intentions, visualizations, and prayers become more powerful than when they are alone.

That is why I feel guided to start the Empowered Manifestation Circle and open it to everyone.

For years, we have seen the power of group energy in our training programs, but these program cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Those programs are primarily focused on people who want to be coaches, have their own business, or become empowered leaders in their industries.

I Am guided to open up the doors to this support to everyone – no matter your occupation, business, or life situation.

Of course, all coaches and spiritualprenuers are especially welcome.

This Circle is a virtual support network to bring people from all over the world into a highly energized group with the intention to support one another in manifesting with greater ease (and speed) in order to be more empowered and joyful!

I will be conducting the first Empowered Manifestation Circle on Thursday, April 28th at 1 pm Eastern as my gift to you! (click here to convert time.)

If you cannot join us, no worries.  I will send you the recording.

Join us here =>

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