One of the hardest things in life, it seems, is being separated from loved ones…especially a spouse. With so many marriages and families finding themselves in this kind of situation due to military deployment, travel demands for a job or career, or in cases of other circumstances that require time apart, it is vitally important to understand how to approach the feelings and thoughts that come with these times of distance.

While many of the natural responses to being separated from a spouse for an extended period of time are negative, it is always within your control to change your mindset. Even in the most extreme cases of spousal separation, you still are in charge of your vibrational output! One way to put yourself back into a state of feeling great and activating a higher vibration is by noticing positive evidences (or PEs). Simply put, when you choose to notice all the things that are working (PEs), you begin to expect to find more things that you can appreciate. This, in turn, trains your focus and allows you to acknowledge miracles.

What Is a Positive Evidence (PE)?

The answer to that question is simple. A PE can be anything. Basically, it is something that shows up in your life that makes you feel great, brings things together, makes you laugh or smile, and that activates a higher vibrational output in your life. It is something that is working! Often times, we have literally hundreds of these PEs around us, yet we fail to notice and acknowledge them. For those experiencing spousal separation, this may be a phone call from your loved one, a picture or other memento of a time spent together, or even a thought about the future when you are together again.

How to Locate & Identify PEs

When looking for PEs during spousal separation, the first step is to expect to find them! They may be big or small, tangible or intangible, but they do exist all around you. Look for things that inspire great feelings, give you hope, or simply make you smile. Once you have found even one, take a little time to write these findings down in a journal or logbook. The entries will help to increase your awareness of PEs, provide a place for you to express them, and give you something to look back over when you feel like you need an extra boost to focus your energy in the right direction. There are no rules to your journal and you may write as little or as much as you like. Once you have completed your journal entry, spend some time amping up your energy around the PE or PEs that you have found and written down. Whether you simply communicate it verbally to yourself or write it down in the journal, be sure to express sincere gratitude and acknowledgement of the PE.

For any difficult marriage situation, including spousal separation, it is absolutely essential key to learn how to focus on the positives, or the things that do work. PEs allow us to do this and will accomplish three important things. They are:

  • Activation of expectation that things WILL work out, that miracles WILL happen
  • Raising your vibrational output matches you to higher vibrating things
  • A training of your focus on what is working, which leads to more things working

So, make the decision today, even though still separated, that your happiness and the level of your vibrational output is your responsibility to change! By following the simple process of noticing PEs, you can truly take back the control and the outcome of your energy and your life and align yourself to receive wonderful things!

©  Coaching from Spirit Inc.

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